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    a/c thermostats swing and delay settings ?

    swing is the number of degrees between on and off for cooling or heat and delay is for the a/c compressor not locking from start/stop/starting too often and better to run longer be off longer cycle hard to find on some units eazy on others with a direct relation to days to ship never in stock...
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    dear americans what ever you think the germans in 1933 SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO BE DOING THAT NOW __________________
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    torn down capt dick's aka anchorage sailing club in dinner key

    the old shack went when the chart house came but the new building a few feet over was built at that time mid 70's with actual bathrooms and a set down bar but keep the pool tables and pin ball a bit after spencer M got the old santana boat yard next to miami city hall in dinner key marina...
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    what does a 10hp two bang diesel weight

    pulled the head off and the piston was packed with what look like sand so likely junk cruddie can't get the trans off bolt heads too far gone tryed to lever the block and trans out with a 16 ft 2x6 broke the 2x6 at a knot unsure the brand maybe jap or volvo
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    daysail do we need a section not racing or crusing just sailing for fun

    likely more boats are used for just mucking about then the liveaboards the actual cruisers or the racers many seldom are going somewhere or racing thoughts ?
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    who killed Q

    we saw the Q berts all morf into putin loving bots all over the net was Q some kiddie molester looking for kids or was it really putin the whole time or something else is Q dead if so what or who killed it
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    Oil price guesses 6 months 1 year ?

    Oil well lets see who is good at guessing oil prices current oil spot WTI Crude 115.7 Brent Crude 118.1 yesterdays close I say it goes under $100 before it hits 150 ever and settles under 85 post war by mid summer for my 6 month number one year from now oil price 90 right now I...
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    that is the old 20th century way nukes are so pas-say so messy so anti-eco now we can just drone strike putin maybe get a few aides SO WHAT i WILL NOT MISS THEM less cost less clean up bring personal responsibility to leadership DIRECTLY something lacking in wars...
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    how to add sail area to an unstayed kat ketch

    I have a semi presto centerboarder called a beachcomber 25 built in st pete in 79 with unique alloy round rotating [st lite pole] tapered masts set in sockets in the deck/hull sails are in better shape then most 40 + year old boats but are screwed down to the masts  fixed  in place then rolled...
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    ofter for trade two 8man EV life rafts in hard case out of date

    a quick look said these go for 4-5k new but are out of date so value a few hundred ? with 7/17 date for inspection 2 eight man rafts in separate cases case 3x2 x1 ft size and heavy likely not worth shipping maybe trade for ? pick up in miami on your way south ? long ago I worked for a...
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    is Putin Q

    is Putin and or his minions the source of the Q delusions ?
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    rightwing myths

    the so called slippery slope from a bit liberal/progressive to commie is a MYTH IT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE REAL WORLD ever what does lead to a commie revolution is a rightwing government rightwing government is the only predictor of commie revolution seen 4 times to date as ron raygun...
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    WELL IT IS PART ROTTED plus lots of worm holes and one very odd rudder so getting replaced with a normal fin shaped out of 1 3/4 teak 5' x 14'' using the top alloy part with pivot and pintels to kick up all most wish I had tryed to sail with it to see just how odd it really is wings are for...
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    using a carbon top mast on a tapered alloy mast how to insulate/isolate

    yes I know carbon and alloy are not good practice as the carbon will try to eat the alloy but I have an alloy 20+ foot tapered round mizzen and want to add a very stiff w/s mast also round and tapered as a top mast to make a cat ketch into a schooner for lite air bay sailing on a presto c/b...
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    trailer storage miami or rent my trailer 25 adj 1 to 6 ft draft

    damm code en-farce-ment sighted me TODAY I need a cheap storage for a 25 ft very adjustable sailboat trailer X2 OR SOMEONE WHO NEEDS A TRAILER TO RENT TO WORK ON THEIR BOAT AT THEIR LOCATION SAVING ME THE STORAGE  VERY VERY LOW RATE 4 U has had a 4 draft fin keel 25 ft and 1 ft C/B BOAT...
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    saving bits off a semi-sunk diesel 2 cly

    never deep but tidal flooded beached boat on a 2 cyl 1 or 2 foot max no pressure ? is any thing worth saving ? block or head ? will pumps or other bits still work ?
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    ANY ONE EVER DO IT ? it is the cat ketch rig with alloy tapered masts set deep 2 or 3 ft in sockets the masts/sails roll up to reef/furl  and turn freely asked the previous owner who said never took the sails or mast down just rolled them up...
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    Just had to cut the tangled  mess out of the center of a 30ft mast as the old halyards were all knotted up and frayed then rerun with a steel fish tryed to keep the halyards separate by tension and poking thru the ''T'' rigging holes to separate the fish from the run lines LINE HELD UP FISH...
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    CAT 5 hurricane wind lift force on a roof ?

    1600 sf roof 1 in 4 slope metal 5v top on a cbs house single ridge no other projections in south fla andrew cat 5  92 eye wall strike zone north rim 2 miles from the bay on a ridge so no flood or surge even worse case just wind in andrew in andrew  the 37 year old roof failed do to rot +...