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    Cork Week 2010

    I don't have the time to attend Cork week this year. Looking at it, neither does anyone else! Smattering of UK, Irish (understandably) and French boats out training for the Comedy Cup. 5 boats in 'IRC Super Zero' - big change from 2008 with Numbers, Moneypenny, Rambler et al only 10 laser...
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    Farr 45 Werewolf on fire, literally nasty accident in Hamble mixing the fastest farr 45 in the solent and fire. Hamble jungle drums say that the BN was off on another boat on the owners time whilst werewolf went woof. BS
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    trax midlayer????

    I have tried looking, allbeit very lazily, to try to find some decent mid layer stuff and the offshore folk round our way swear by the traxx (or trax, or tracks, or something) mid layer. So does anyone know how to get hold of the stuff? Or does anybody have any experience of something as good...
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    Bottoms (fnar)

    I know it depends on the type of boat and what you are sanding but here is the brief, I'd like as many peoples thoughts as poss. From the folks in the yard there are a few schools of thought. Right; 40ft Cruiser racer, 545 on the bottom, decent fairing job and good keel join, what do you do to...
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    Tracey Edwards Shocker!

    So this is what she is up to..