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  1. sailflat

    2 stroke vs 4

    Just get one of these...
  2. sailflat

    Don't go a boning in lion country

    Doggy style would have certianly impressed the cat.
  3. sailflat

    Bottom Paint replacement?

    From their web site it seems that they are marketing it as a marnine coating. Whatever that means.
  4. sailflat

    Lightning and beach cats

    Capsize it until the storm passes.
  5. sailflat

    Canada closed the wet Great Lakes Boarder.

    No NO NO... Your marks aren't the problem... It's the idiotic policy that is the problem. Hand out a flyer to everyone racing so that they can report, perhaps multiple times that they are crossing the border. Might be briefly annoying to each competitor to make the call but terribly...
  6. sailflat

    Competition Composites, AKA Phils Foils

    Allrighty... IT seems that their contact info is at the bottom of their About Us page rather than on their Contact page. Could have sworn that I looked there and only spotted testimonials. Oh well, found em. Thanks to whomever told them I was looking for them.
  7. sailflat

    Competition Composites, AKA Phils Foils

    The don't have any contact info on their web site... No phone number. No Address. No email other than a contact form. Are they out of business? Anyone talk to them recently? Any alternate sources for a carbon tiller? Cheers.
  8. sailflat

    Wide-open discussion of the loss of Low Speed Chase

    Keel Slogging You clearly don't know what the hell you are talking about. And it is not up to you to decide what is risky for others. If you are that risk adverse you clearly don't know what you are dong and shouldn't be making those decisions, you should stay in the bay. Enjoy your buoy...
  9. sailflat

    Men sailing in Suits

    I had totally forgotten this video ever existed... A friend linked it to me on Facebook
  10. sailflat

    Fuck-nut Teacher

    Wonder if he might be friends with Weid Stowe... Perhaps they are planning 1000 days of drifting as well.
  11. sailflat

    Men sailing in Suits

    I had totally forgotten this video ever existed... A friend linked it to me on Facebook And whomever directed it clearly knew more than a little about sailing.
  12. sailflat

    Getting a Crapload of Work Done on the Boat..

    Getting 110 from 220 is easy... 220 is 110 x 2 legs You should find 4 conductors on the plug. 2 110 legs, 1 neutral, 1 ground... Connect 1 leg and the neutral and you have 110. If you use 2 heaters, connect 1 to each leg to load balance. Go to lowes and get a cheap small breaker box, a 30...
  13. sailflat

    Sailing Anarchy getting sued for libel and slander

    I think that with a little research one may find that Mr Kennedy has been a sailing hack for years. He also may be managing partner at the firm. I am smelling a reduced billing rate. I wonder if the partners know he is doing cut rate work for Scott and Clean?
  14. sailflat

    Rules Question Mark Room

    Agreed... But I would have thought there would have been a forced gybe in there as well. Which I don't see.
  15. sailflat

    Would this work?

    We do something simular... But entirely different. I will take some picts and post them this evening.
  16. sailflat

    Western America road trip anarchy?.....

    IF you do hit St Louis... Visit St Louis Botanical Gardens
  17. sailflat

    Friends list GONE, PMs GONE, settings GONE

    The easiest way would be.. Restore the whole ball of wax from backup and start the upgrade over. Who knows about the more difficult ways. Could take days of time and several boat bucks.
  18. sailflat

    Friends list GONE, PMs GONE, settings GONE

    Testing costs a LOT LESS time and money than the problems from NOT testing. It is backed up. I am sure they have multiple backups. I am sure that Dawg backed up the data as part of the upgrade process.
  19. sailflat

    Friends list GONE, PMs GONE, settings GONE

    Good for you, got a picture of your tin foil hat too? Make sure you have a backup of that. Store your external drive in a safety deposit box? Copy all your your gmail you might possibly need onto that drive? How about a copy of every topic here that you might need in the future. Yes I and...
  20. sailflat

    Friends list GONE, PMs GONE, settings GONE

    Your quotes are in the wrong place... let me fix that for you... You clearly don't understand the business model here... noobe... or is it Mr. Puppet Or the bottom line of the company running this site. Google is "free" but people sure do a lot of bitching about it.