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  1. Varan

    ETNZ To Attempt Wind Powered Land Speed Word Record

    Exciting, but now seems to be a bit of distraction from the AC40 and AC in general.
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    I am patiently waiting and saving for the AC15 that can be sailed out, righted and back in by its crew alone. IMHO, these boats are way cool.
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  4. Varan

    It's been a couple of years, but it is back.

    I know nothing about the mystery box, but @DryArmour is the real deal. Ordered SPF50+ crew shirts for our annual regatta and despite my indecisiveness and last minute request, they designed and delivered the most incredible shirts faster than I could ever expect, and at a great price. Thank you...
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    I want one... :(
  6. Varan

    Trailer Tongue Extension:

    Best setup I witnessed was an electric winch with remote control that attaches to your receiver hitch. Back the trailer down to the water, block the trailer wheels, unhook the trailer leaving the safety chains attached just in case, attach winch and dyneema cable, swing down the dual wheels...
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    The vw bug of chase boats.
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    From sail-world
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    Did EVA foam in my cockpit. Used a home modified picture framing mat board cutter to bevel the edges (only modified to extend the blade length a bit). Beveled edges, especially where adjacent pieces meet, gives it an elegant look without the need to pattern match separate pieces. Like the A 89...
  10. Varan

    AC75 trim sails

  11. Varan

    Bob Perry is Legend

    It's about the music.
  12. Varan

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 37

    "What it is ain't exactly clear"
  13. Varan

    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    For a more modern, yet inexpensive ride, there is the Chinese Fareast 28r.
  14. Varan

    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    +1 on the Farr 30. Sailed the FT10 a bit, but driving with my 6'2" frame was always awkward. Not especially comfortable. Much prefer the old Farr 30.
  15. Varan

    2022 J/80 Worlds - who is going and who is gonna win?

    Related topic... who is selling afterwards. They are pretty scarce in the USA atm.
  16. Varan

    Drilling Rubber

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    Try methanol too. You'll like it ;)
  18. Varan

    J22 Forestay length w/angled step - Help!

    Add a toggle and you are good to go. Or take them back and have WM make new ones the correct length.
  19. Varan

    Trailer Tongue Extension:

    My old triad J80 trailer came with an extention tongue, but I never used it. A simple tow strap was so much easier.
  20. Varan

    2022 J-24 Worlds Corpus Christi

    There might be a boat available. I will check.