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    Shaw 7 and similar Jib Sheeting

    Question for folks familiar with the Shaw 7 or similar sized sportboats. What is the size of the Jib? I'm assuming there are no winches, how is the Jib sheet rigged?
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    Foam blocks for storage

    Where can I find cut foam blocks for catamaran storage, or cheap material to cut my own? As shown here: I would cut my own, but I can't seem to locate reasonably priced closed cell foam in the right size.
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    Moth Ride Attitude

    The Mach 2 flies much more level in trim (fore and aft) than the Bladeriders. How would you remedy this? I already have a bit of shim to increase the main foil AOA. Should I try more AOA on both the main and rudder foils? The logical thing to me seems like more lift is needed on the rudder, but...
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    Next Generation Instruments

    I'm involved with technology, so it is interesting to me to see that most of the instrumentation systems we use are based on rather old technology. It make sense, use what works, especially since what we use our instruments for is not that demanding (computation or bandwidth wise) compared to...
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    If I read the frontpage right Beecom was built with powered winches. Did RP think there was a transpac rule allowing powered sail trimming, but they were wrong?
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    Use of power to generate speed

    As much as I have enjoyed reading about the amazing performance of the latest canting keel designs, I do have to ask: When did the use of engines (non-human power) to transfer either a lead buld of water from side to side become OK? What is the difference between using a motor (electric or...