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  1. couchsurfer

    Canting keel forces

    .....any link to the interview??
  2. couchsurfer

    Canting keel forces if boats are tradeing up their rams so they can -drive it HARD-,,,whut'll break next?? <_< .......are boats also beefing up the frames :huh:
  3. couchsurfer

    Canting keel forces

    .....I'm interested to hear if ANY canters have experimented with the accumulator type absorption.Sailing is definitely ALL about fluid dynamics,so it seems nutters to try have a solid system to suspend 6TONS of lead on an angled fulcrum as you drop it from -X- meters. .....Accumulator...
  4. couchsurfer

    Canting keel forces

    ...not necessary--the boats give their own consequences!! :blink:
  5. couchsurfer

    Canting keel forces's a response Juank gave to a query I sent in late november ........I was asking if there's any form of 'accumulator' type of shock absorption......a fair bit of details to help SA's engineering department..... From JUAN K--''I think shock absortion is more that adequate,but it's a good...