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    This poll is regarding the installation of dehumidifiers (or dehumidifires) on boats with no fitted 110-220 Volt AC system.  I have had several surveys over the years where boats have sustained fire damage due to a failed dehumidifier.  I am curious to know how boats owners are installing and...
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    SB2KH race.

    Sounds like it was a ripper.  Any results posted?
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    Single handed Transpacific starts June 19.

    Here is the list of entries: Here is the link to the tracker: My money is on Green Buffalo.
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    Islands Race.

    I posted this on ocean racing Anarchy. But, in hindsight it probably is more fitting here. First coastal/offshore event of the year in SoCal and looks to be quite consistent breeze, especially for the smaller boats. Good luck and be safe. Moonrise around midnight so not completely blacked out!
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    Islands Race.

    First offshore event of the year in SoCal and looks to be quite consistent breeze, especially for the smaller boats. Good luck and be safe. Moonrise around midnight so not completely blacked out!
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    8 Bells. Ken Havard. Boatman, Racer and Diver.

    I just got word that Kenny Havard has passed.  A legend in the quietest way possible.  He crewed on some of the best local So Cal boats including Sorcery, Evolution, Jano, etc.  He serviced pretty much the entire sled fleet when needed and many more.  I worked with him on so many projects I...
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    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Here is the link. Could be a fun way to get some coastal yacht racing going again.
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    Vic- Maui race cancelled

    So with Vic maui cancelled, can Pac Cup be that far behind. How about the single handed Transpac?
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    Transpac 52 nav station images.

    I'm looking for any pics of the navigation stations on TP 52's. In particular any images of nav stations that are not situated on centerline under the cockpit. For example Pendragon IV, one the forerunners, IIRC,  has a nav station set to starboard.  Any others?
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    Anybody seen it? No? Go! I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary.
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    Streaming Exp to an ipad on a closed LAN

    So, the nav station on the boat I currently sail on is on the port side.  Every time I sit there, on starboard tack, Details yells at me.  Even when he's not on the boat! I'm looking for a wireless solution using the onboard wifi that would work in a similar manner to Splashtop, but would run...
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    CA 500 alongside SoCal 300

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    Islands Race 2019

    With rain expected late Wed (13th) into Thursday and clearing out early am Fri (15th), a nice cold front can be expected to come through for the Islands race. Dress warm, it could well be chilly and pretty breezy.  
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    Volvo Race High Traffic density report

    I don't know if this was posted elsewhere.  Unfortunately due to the limit of file upload capacity I can't load it here.   Link then to that other site! Compelling read:
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    Singlehanded Transpac 2018

    Anyone else following this race? The lead boat an Olson 30, has been ripping down the course, only to come to a near stop this morning. Edit: Never mind, must have been a weird blip in the tracker, now showing moving well...
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    Capo 30 rig

    A friend just lost the rig from her Capo 30 this past weekend in SF. Ballenger has a 4 month plus delivery time. She's hoping there is an outside chance of a lead on another rig somewhere. ????????? Cheers, Doug.
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    Wilderness 30 "Yahoo"

    So, somehow I picked up a bad bug. A Wilderness 30 kind of bug.  There is a really well sorted one for sale in the classifieds but it's got too much stuff for want I want to do with it. Which is have a minimalist sport cruiser.  Main, roller furling jib and ayso. Basic interior for weekends at...
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    A brief history of instruments/electronics.

    A response I posted in another thread sent me off on a tangent. I had not read this page before:  Well worth it: Particularly this gem taken from this Sailing World article (
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    Island’s Race Weather, discuss.

    12 days out is a bit far.  Thoughts?
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    Synergy 1000 Polars

    I am on the hunt for Polars in a .txt format for a Synergy 1000. I know at least one has done a Pac cup or similar. Hoping someone might be able to help.  Let me know. Cheers, Doug.