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  1. ryley

    Refinishing the Interior V-Berth

    We decided that our main saloon and aft cabin portlight project turned out so well, we'd do the last 4 that are up forward in the v-berth and forward head. The v-berth had this hideous longitudinal slats of wood that were glued to a luan backer, and most of it was warped and disgusting so I...
  2. ryley

    B&G Wind Instrument

    I had a little accident with my B&G WS320 and need to replace the wind vane portion, pn 000-15144-001. this part is the same on the WS300, 310, 320, and 700. Not an expensive part but also not in stock anywhere in the world it appears. If anyone has a WS300, 310, 320, or 700 that you aren't...
  3. ryley

    Edgartown RTI

    There is no doubt that Kenny Read is an excellent sailor, and obviously the Sun Fast 3300 is a cool boat. But did he really deserve the Venona at the Edgartown RTI? I don't think so. The "fully crewed" Sunfast Alchemist rates 54. This year, PHRF-NE added shorthanded certificates, and under that...
  4. ryley

    B&G Nemesis I'm assuming this is their response to Garmin and Sailmon having fully configurable, vendor-independent displays. They look pretty cool, until you get to the price: the Nemesis 9 costs more than a Zeus3 9 and the Nemesis 12 is almost the same cost as a Zeus3 16...
  5. ryley

    cockpit drain hose

    I was winterizing the water system on my boat and I leaned on one of the cockpit drain hoses in the engine compartment and it started to leak. The hose is as old as the boat, 1992, and appears to be the wire reinforced black exhaust hose. It's a center cockpit and I have decent access to the...
  6. ryley

    Ceiling Anarchy

    We're recommissioning our Freedom 45 after it being on the hard for 5 years. Among the many jobs that needed to be done were completely replacing the sole in the aft cabin and the cherry trim around the portholes because the portholes leaked badly. The woodwork was done by a talented carpenter...
  7. ryley

    Shorthanded Mass Bay Series

    Last year was the inaugural Short-handed Overnight Series for Mass Bay Sailing. The series was a best of 3 out 5 of the following races: Lambert Ocean Race (Eastern YC) Beringer Bowl (Boston YC) Red and White Regatta (Constitution YC) Downeast Challenge (Marblehead YC) Ted Hood Regatta...
  8. ryley

    "This domain is currently not approved for CashParking." *Someone* forgot to pay their hosting bills. 
  9. ryley

    working with carbon fiber and making some parts

    I've got some experience working with glass and epoxy but I've never done any vacuum bagging (except helping others with their layups). I thought I'd take on the challenge of learning a few new tricks and try to make a few pieces. The first thing I was thinking of was new hatch boards for the...
  10. ryley

    Boston Visitor

    So this showed up in Boston Harbor the other day... she looks pretty rough. Rougher than this photo.
  11. ryley

    1955 Norse Saga

    The Norse Saga is a 32' full keel wooden design with a 4.7' draft and 11,400 lb displacement. It's a fractional jib. As I understand it there were only 5 commissioned in the mid-50s. That's all I know about it Anybody know anything about these, or where I could find some more information?
  12. ryley

    Eligibility to Race

    I need the help of the SA collective here. I'm looking for real-world examples that other organizing authorities have taken under similar circumstances. Has anyone ever had to deny entry to a boat or skipper because they simply could not adequately handle their boat in race conditions or didn't...
  13. ryley

    Triton 2 Mast Mount

    A friend of mine posted a link to the Cape 31 and this picture caught my eye. Does anyone know if this mast bracket is custom or do they make one for the Tritons 2s? I've done some searching but can't find anything specific to the B&Gs. Thanks in advance. I'm looking for a single instrument...
  14. ryley

    Zeus2 and Actisense source conflict

    Over the past year I've converted my network from a hybrid of N2K, 0183, and NX2 to nearly all N2K/SeatalkNG. The exception is my Garmin gWind which goes though an NX2-N2K converter in the form of a GND10 box, and my Tacktick Racemaster compass, which is tied to the N2K network through the...
  15. ryley

    B&G Zeus2 screen problem

    I have a 9" Zeus2 that's only a few years old. I put it in the boat the other day and noticed that I can see what I think is the touchscreen sensors very clearly - so clearly that you can't read the screen in broad daylight. There is a section in the middle of the screen where the sensors aren't...
  16. ryley

    The Electric Company

    It's admirable that Torqeedo would write a press release for the FP, but their propulsion still doesn't make much sense for a salt water racing boat. As the owner of a 1003 that shit the bed due to bad seals in the constantly-submerged motor, it's hard to imagine their aluminum pod faring much...
  17. ryley

    1GM10 Questions

    I've got a 1GM10 in my Columbia that is mostly reliable, and I'm very happy with the fuel economy. With the flexofold I put on it, I get 7+ knots in flat water where the old martec was more like 5.8. There are a few quirks though. I think I need to replace the pickup tube in my fuel tank...
  18. ryley

    Spring Off Soundings 2016

    Registration closes on the 19th of May and so far there are 88 boats signed up. I haven't done this one in a few years but I'm looking forward to racing the "new" boat. So who's coming?
  19. ryley

    Appeals Process

    Hello smart anarchists, A protestor submitted a video as part of his protest. He lost the protest and appealed the decision. At the time of the appeal, the protestor claimed to no longer have the video; however, the facts found by the protest committee were available. Would or should the...
  20. ryley

    VHF cable protection

    I have a remote mic that is in a difficult position and when things get hot in the cockpit it's easy to kick the connector and break it off - I've replaced the remote cable twice already and about to do it again. My google-fu is weak and I can't find a good way to protect this connector. Any...