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  1. Jim in Halifax

    C&C Frigate Opinions?

    Anyone have any knowledge or opinion of the C&C Frigate 36? They were an early Cuthberson & Cassian design, before C&C Yachts really gelled. Most were built by Belleville Marine between 1968 & 1970-something. Ta.
  2. Jim in Halifax

    What would you do?

    What would you do if a crew member jumped overboard in an apparent suicide? Maybe this story is elsewhere on SA, but the first I read about it was in an Ocean Navigator article in December. There is more about it in this newspaper report. This is stuff that professional captains are probably...
  3. Jim in Halifax

    Which Barrier Coat?

    I bit the bullet and have stripped my 36 year-old hull to gelcoat, ridding it of a 15 or 16 year build up. No blisters, just a couple of small spots to fair with epoxy putty. So it is now or never for applying a barrier coat. What is the preferred substance among the gurus here? (I am sure I...
  4. Jim in Halifax

    Any opinions on the Westerly Fulmar?

    A friend is looking at buying one. Apart from the cast iron keel (this one is not a bilge keeler), I can't see anything not like. Any opinions / experience? Thanks.    Listing
  5. Jim in Halifax

    Any ideas? Need help ID'ing this boat

    Early '70s vintage. 29 feet. 6 foot draft with a bulb. Cold-molded West system, possibly built in Port Credit, Ontario. Interior joinery finished to a very high standard. I think a masthead rig. These are the only pictures available. Any speculation?