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  1. CaptainAhab


    My 15 year old set of Gill foul weather gear is no longer waterproof. Are there any products worth trying? The set is otherwise in excellent shape. Cheers
  2. CaptainAhab

    Physics of roll tacking

    I’ve got one of those smart kids in my racing class who asks questions that demand good explanations.    He wants to know what’s actually happening that propels a boat forward when it’s properly roll tacked.    Let’s keep it simple. Single handed Laser type dinghy. Kinetics, lift, drag and...
  3. CaptainAhab

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    When full powered up a Tasar or NS14 will plane upwind. Once you are going that fast you’ve got more grip than you need from the daggerboard. Do you raise it like on a reach? 
  4. CaptainAhab

    Franken Laser
  5. CaptainAhab

    Franken Laser

    Please kick this up to Scott for the front page. I can’t get the submission/contacts to work.
  6. CaptainAhab

    Weather Anarchy

    Our weather in AU is getting more fucked up as the years progress. Winds from the wrong direction, completely overcast skies. Jet streams all over the place. Winds aloft have little or no bearing on surface winds. Accurate forecasting is near impossible. I always figure if they can't predict the...