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  1. Jules

    Backyard Liveaboard

    Hurricane Ian has "given us the opportunity" to become liveaboards. Restoring power to the area could be a month away. So we are looking at living on the boat at our dock and trying to have some semblance of a normal life. As it's been a while since I've been on the hook so I need some help...
  2. Jules

    COVID Self Diagnosis

    Our home tests said negative but they expired a month ago. Almost every drug store around here is still closed due to Ian. So before I try to find a medical center open here... This thing hit me Sunday. Fatigue, cough, loss of appetite, followed by vomiting, congestion, fever, chills...
  3. Jules

    The Filibuster is Unconstitutional

  4. Jules

    Rick Scott Blows It

  5. Jules

    Which Awful Person Said It?

  6. Jules

    Pics That Get You...

    What sailing pictures get your juices flowing? There are no wrong answers...
  7. Jules

    Biden's Speech Tonight

    Uncle Joe gave a speech tonight. He called out "the MAGA Republicans" several times. And if we give a fuck about democracy, we should applaud that. Whatever the criticism may be, he did a good job overall. For the skeptics within us, as I am, we only hope it's more than words. As to the...
  8. Jules

    Trump Upset DeSantis Mimics Him

    Donald Trump says the Florida governor is mirroring the former president — right down to the hand gestures Donald Trump has been complaining that Ron DeSantis is “stealing” from him. The sources note that when Trump has seen video clips of of DeSantis speaking at public events over the past...
  9. Jules

    Hey Republicans! The Internet Is Forever...

    It's a pretty interesting piece... Alex Wagner Tonight Energized women voters send GOP candidates scrambling to conceal unpopular abortion views Alex Wagner reports on Republican candidates facing an energized female electorate in the 2022 midterms altering their campaign web sites to remove...
  10. Jules

    Politicians and Their Effect On Our Lives

    If you step back from the never ending chaos of politics long enough, it's easy to see politicians create more problems than they solve. Pretty much everything they do today is to their own personal benefit or the benefit of their party. And in the process they have us practically hating each...
  11. Jules

    A Motel The GOP Should Experience A Very Extended Stay

    We just got back from a road trip. During the return we stopped for a couple of days in Memphis. While there we visited the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel, where MLK was murdered. If you haven't been there, the tour starts in a round room. (below) The blue bands on the...
  12. Jules

    How Do We Stop The 27 Oligarchs Who Run America?

    "Government of the people rich, by the people rich, for the people rich, shall not perish from the earth.”
  13. Jules

    Win 11 to Win 10?

    My laptop SDD died. Took it to a local guy. He replaced the SDD and "decided" to load in Win 11. I fucking hate it! Anyone know a way to switch out 11 for 10 when there was no upgrading from 10?
  14. Jules

    The Republicans War on Americans

    They came for our wages They took away free education They buried us in medical debt Watch the video for the complete story...
  15. Jules

    Florida Thought Police To Stand Down?

    DeSantis signed SB 2033 that included: 55 (b) The State Board of Education shall require each 56 Florida College System institution to conduct an annual 57 assessment of the intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity 58 at that institution. The State Board of Education shall select 59...
  16. Jules

    Anyone Know AutoCAD?

    I've got MEP 2008. I used to have a pretty robust tool pallettes library but over the years I lost most of them. Now it's only the really basic tools. Can I make my own tools and insert them in a tool pallette? Example, say I want to create a simple ceiling light and have it connect to the...
  17. Jules

    A Catholic President?

    Living in a Catholic household and attending a Catholic school, I vividly remember when JFK was running for president. There was a lot of controversy around the idea of having a Catholic president. I didn't understand it but I was only 9. I can now see more clearly why so many back then were...
  18. Jules

    Don't You Just Love How Far They Will Go To Keep The Culture Wars Going?

    How long has this been going on? Forever? Every time "someone" is making a great case that looks like it's going to lead to some high profile bad actor taking a dive, another culture bomb is dropped. Now that the 1/6 Committee is absolutely slam-dunking the investigation of the TFG failed...
  19. Jules

    Calling All Wood Sleuths

    I'm trying to figure out what species of wood this is. It's a piece of flooring from a building built in southwest Florida in 1927. I do not know if the flooring is original or not. It still has a fair amount of wood left before getting to the T&G part of it and the building now gets a lot of...