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  1. 2slow

    What’s up with Jacksonville?

    Is Jacksonville a hotbed of q-idiots and conspiracy loving real Americans? (And UF fans) I know three families in that area and all are touched by Q. Is that the norm in that  shithole of a city?  
  2. 2slow

    The Last Song On The Album

    Back in the days of vinyl often artists would put something a little different at the end of side two or four. What are your favorites? Train in Vain by the Clash. At the end of the best album of the decade, London Calling by the Clash, they stuck in a pop song and did not even mention it in...
  3. 2slow


    My friend wrote this for Paste Magazine (owned by another friend) .  Jim has obsessively followed all the Q bullshit since the election.  This is the most comprehensive look at their insanity I have seen...
  4. 2slow

    Thankful my kids don't like country music

    Earlier today my wife and I were counting our blessings; we are healthy as are our children, we both have jobs, a house over our head and our children don't like country music. I haven't seen the polling but it would not be surprising if the only group that supported tRump in larger numbers...
  5. 2slow

    How does your sailing/yacht club do ice?

    Our club turned off the communal ice machine during COVID for obvious reasons.  Going forward the discussion is whether to keep the current ice maker with large metal scoop or move to a freezer filled with bags that get replenished by a local ice company. For the baged ice we would use some kind...
  6. 2slow

    Favorite Twitter accounts

    Three Year Letterman is a comic genius 
  7. 2slow

    That's hot

    Sidewalk where powerline came down.  Turned the concrete into glass.  
  8. 2slow

    Best thing ever? Yes
  9. 2slow

    Batteries are mysteriously being drained

    Need a bit of advice.. I installed a new battery charger and replaced the two batteries.  Something is draining/ruining new batteries while charger is on.  When charger is on voltage reads 14, when I turn off charger it reads 11.  Wiring looks right but clearly something is screwed up.  What...
  10. 2slow

    Nope , Mexico still not paying

    US pledges $5.8B aid for CentAm, $4.8B for southern Mexico APNEWS.COM | DEC 18, 11:10 AM MEXICO CITY (AP) — The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America, and another $4.8 billion in development aid for...
  11. 2slow

    Lindsey grows a spine

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on Wednesday he would withhold his vote on any key issue, including upcoming spending bills, until the CIA briefs senators about the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “I am not going to be denied the ability to be briefed...
  12. 2slow

    154 years ago

    Pour a little on the ground for the 4500 Northern and Southern men who died in the Battle of Peachtree Creek today.  A big part of it took place in my yard, can never stop thinking about it on July 20.
  13. 2slow

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    The republicans are going full retard in this election.  Check out these campaign ads
  14. 2slow

    NFL Draft tonight

    Well the draft geeks are over analyzing the quarter backs again.  Why the fuck do they think Josh Allen is an NFL quarterback?  Baffles me.  If I was picking Josh Rosen is #1 followed by Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson then Sam Darnald, Allen is not even on the draft board.   It's like they don't...
  15. 2slow

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    We are getting them next week, figuring out coop build out now.
  16. 2slow

    NBA Playoffs

    Who y'all like?  
  17. 2slow

    Billy Graham dead at 99

    Thoughts and prayers sent to his followers!
  18. 2slow

    College Football 2018

    National recruiting day is wrapped up.  Georgia has the number 1 class in the country and signed more 5 star players than the rest of the SEC X 2.  Georgia has 7 the entire rest of the SEC has 3.  Maybe this will get the Dawgs over the hump.  It should help, we got 7 of the top 23 players in the...
  19. 2slow

    Irma, oh shit Irma has the BVI in it's crosshairs.  Good luck down there
  20. 2slow


    Drudge now has a comment section below each article. Ten years ago i thought racism was overblown and diminishing as the stupid fucks died off.  Boy was i wrong!