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  1. bored broker

    Hurricane Season 2022

    Look to the North East. It kind of looks like it is reforming on the other side of Florida. Could this move up the coast?
  2. bored broker

    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    I want to make a t-shirt that says "Hi, I'm Kale".
  3. bored broker

    Lindsay Graham Admits there is a domestic terrorism problem in the Republican Party

    That looked like a middle school dance recital.
  4. bored broker

    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Now that I looked at that, can I please have those 5 minutes of my life back?
  5. bored broker

    Pink Floyd’s Waters backs Russia, calls Biden a ‘war criminal’ over Ukraine

    meanwhile, The rest of the band. How (members of) Pink Floyd reunited to record a song for Ukraine Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email April 7, 20228:27 PM ET SAEED AHMED FacebookTwitter David Gilmour, of Pink Floyd, performs live on stage at Madison Square Garden on April 12, 2016. Matthew...
  6. bored broker

    Stainless Fabricator South West Ontario? or Buffalo, NY?

    Call RCR Yachts in Buffalo for a recommendation.
  7. bored broker

    Packrats Anonymous

    I actually do this stuff for a living so I have to curate enough junk to manage, maintain and renovate a 50K square foot retail store that was built in 1964.
  8. bored broker

    Packrats Anonymous

    Get one of those big bags that you can vacuum the air out for storing things like bedspreads. Takes up less space and keeps it in better shape. Most of the bags can be reused a few times. I use them for storing all kinds of bulky stuff.
  9. bored broker

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Not even hiding it anymore. (CNN)Rhode Island Democratic state Senate candidate Jennifer Rourke was punched in the face by her GOP opponent -- a police officer who was off-duty -- during an abortion rights rally at the State House in Providence Friday night, Rourke told CNN in a statement...
  10. bored broker

    Meme Anarchy

    If that comic was drawn in Texas, it’s probably looking at pretty gun that’s going to potentially give him the hard on.
  11. bored broker

    The irony - Bezos doesn’t like Musk controlling media

    They probably don't even have that amount left in office supplies.
  12. bored broker

    The irony - Bezos doesn’t like Musk controlling media

    Lots of people read Marx. In fact, it is kind of required reading if you want to contradict it. Just because she is reading it dose not mean that she abides by it, so I wouldn't judge her there. I would however judge her on those nails. That shit is terrifying!!
  13. bored broker

    Russia learns a lesson from Hitler

    What foreign army did that?
  14. bored broker

    Russia learns a lesson from Hitler

    If that is a photo from the Civil War then what I said is true. I also don't think that the Civil War is still in the collective memory unless you are Southerner who still has not accepted the loss.  
  15. bored broker

    Russia learns a lesson from Hitler

    No. I went back and made an edit acknowledging that I had made a mistake and clarified. Try it some time.
  16. bored broker

    Russia learns a lesson from Hitler

    My profound apologies  inhiding. I did forget about the war of 1812 when only part of the continent was colonized by the USA. I mean, at this time Detroit was considered the Northwest. I still stand by my comment.
  17. bored broker

    Russia learns a lesson from Hitler

    Since the actual establishment of this country, In the last 200 years we have never had a foreign conflict take place on our own land. I think that this has influenced how American's see conflict and war in other countries. Since they have never witnessed the destruction and the long time...
  18. bored broker

    It's BAACK

    Here in North Western Vermont it is about 30% in good grocery stores and 20% in cheep groceries. Other retail environment is about 15%. My store which has about 1,000 visitors a day is still giving out about 100 masks a day with about 15% of the floor staff wearing masks. 
  19. bored broker

    FL, Is this real??? A frigging Sea Trial For Zombie Boats??

    Up here in Vermont we now have people leaving their abandoned travel trailers at commuter lots. They fill them with all the crap they don't want, take the plates and the VIN off and leave it. It really sucks.
  20. bored broker

    Maple season

    Commercial operations use a filter press. Here is an example of a small one.maple filter press The rig that I worked on used four of these. big filter press