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  1. yachtie2k4

    What is it?

    Hey guys Wondering if any of you have seen this boat as the pic popped up on a Facebook group I am members of. I think it's based on a rowing skull with some mods obviously A Class rig with a jib and I think I see some wings that the guy is trapping off Cheers Rob
  2. yachtie2k4

    Cat hire gold coast aus

    Hi all, Just wondering if there's any off the beach cat hire on the gold Coast/Broadwater that would be open over the October long weekend. Cheers Rob
  3. yachtie2k4

    Hire small OTB cat on Gold Coast (aus)

    Hi all, Just wondering if there's any off the beach cat hire on the gold Coast/Broadwater that would be open over the October long weekend. Cheers Rob
  4. yachtie2k4

    Yacht Capsizes on Sydney Harbour

    Hey guys Just wondering if any of you saw this, appears to have happened yesterday. What boat is it? Cheers Rob
  5. yachtie2k4

    third party liability insurance

    hi all, just wondering how much roughly third party liability insurance cover would be? i have a 1970's 16ft corsair dinghy that i will be needing to get it for. cheers rob
  6. yachtie2k4

    russian sailing

    hey all, was just alerted to this hilarious video of how russians plan to save the world with lower pollution emitions!!!
  7. yachtie2k4

    CYCA Audi Winter Series

    all, just thought i would share some pics of Ian Oatley's new boat called "Q" very fast reacher.. there was a pic from onboard her earlier this year on the front page! we were sailing to the same mark as them.. sunday we saw the potential of her on the reach but not enough wind to keep that...
  8. yachtie2k4

    pics of Ice Fire

    hey all, i am just wondering whether anyone has any pics of the aussie boat called ice fire, designed by allan mummery. cheers rob
  9. yachtie2k4

    Wanting to do a Sydney Hobart

    Hey all. So I have been thinking long and hard about this over the past few weeks, I want to do the Sydney to Hobart either next year or the year after. What should I do, I don't have any offshore experience, but have been sailing (and around boats my whole life). I want to do it on a smallish...
  10. yachtie2k4

    Zippier at the Jervis Bay Regatta

    hey all, just thought i would show my new found skills of video editing (ha ha ha!!!) i uploaded this clip of us (Zippier) at the 2009 Jervis Bay Regatta. cheers rob
  11. yachtie2k4

    best wet weather pants

    hey all. just wondering what you guys thought the best wet weather pants are for around AU$100-200 for sports boat sailing. and how good are the harken vortex shoes? cheers rob
  12. yachtie2k4

    teaching fiance how to sail

    hey all, my mission this season is to teach my fiance how to sail my boat (16ft corsair dinghy) i was just wondering whether you guys know of any decent books that would be useful for a complete beginner. cheers rob
  13. yachtie2k4

    Sail Simulator 5

    hey guys, i have been keeping an eye on the stentec sail simulator site ( for updates on their new sail simulator (ver 5). they have what looks like an awesome simulator with lots of new features. here are some pics from their development page...
  14. yachtie2k4

    yacht clubs sydney

    hey all sydney siders. just wondering what the best value for money clubs there are near ryde. i am getting my dads corsair to teach my partner to sail on and am looking at what clubs are good on this side of the harbour. cheers rob
  15. yachtie2k4

    good inshore pants

    hey all, i want to get some inshore pants, i race on a elliott 7 sportsboat and want to get some pants for those wet n cold days. what are the great bang for your buck pants? has anyone heard of the Westcoast Isotex Breathable Trousers? i can't find them online and have never heard of them...
  16. yachtie2k4

    Pyewacket finishing Transpac 2007

    hey all, i have looked all over the net for the pics of Pyewacket finishing the transpac 07 but haven't been able to find where ed has put them, any chance one of you know where i can find the pics he had on the front page ages ago of it surfing with full main, kite and a jib up? cheers rob
  17. yachtie2k4

    2008 sailing calenders

    hey all, i am looking for sailing calenders that are for sale in sydney (australia) with pics of high performance boats as i haven't been able to find any and i've been looking at places since before xmas. cheers rob
  18. yachtie2k4

    Animal Cruelty and Abuse to Women by Aust. LEADING meat company NAPCo

    my friend just sent my this about a place she worked at for about a week. its a damn sad story and deserves to be out in the open. i hope justice is served to these arseholes.
  19. yachtie2k4

    new sailor chick of the week

    i want to move to brazil if thats the quality of sailors over there!!! hoooooot. i would take the crew!
  20. yachtie2k4

    maybe Elliott 7

    hey all, on my recent <4knsb delivery, we passed what looked like an elliott 7 (that was anchored) with a few mods to it, lifelines, also appeard to have toe rails all the way around the gunnel and changed windows that looked not normal and it had black antifoul on the bottom, it was normal...