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  1. 17mika

    2021 garda Moth worlds

    September 2-7, malcesine (Garda). Can anybody beat Slingsby? Some random challengers, from chat in the ballpark From Aussie Goobs (bieker) and Langford (bieker) had a loooot of training. From the UK Goodie (bieker) is back in the game, the new Olympic champ Fletcher (rocket) is said to be...
  2. 17mika

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    So, 2019 worlds are approaching, Dec 13-18 in Perth. Any anarchyst attending? What's the chat from down under? Any of the Olympic/ AC guys making it? We've just loaded the Cointainer from Garda with 3 SSD and 2 boxes, after the Ita nats, so we're definitely...
  3. 17mika

    2019 Dinghy Show

    I was there this weekend, a first for me, and it was pretty cool! On the front page there is the photo of the Lithium moth, which has some really great ideas, but it was nice to see together lots of dinghys I had never touched before.  Did anybody go?
  4. 17mika

    2018 moth worlds - bermuda (march 25 - april 1st)

    2018 moth worlds are coming soon around Easter time in Bermuda. Pretty envious to those that are going, that has to be a pretty special place to sail (well expenses to go there make it pretty special as well); entry numbers won't be the same as Garda, but...
  5. 17mika

    Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    Very serious incident for bora Edit: best source from the front page. EDIT. I'm trying to get some more info from some moth friends.. it seems like He got cut 3 fingers (hopefully only the top part) from hitting the trailing edge of the daggerboard ina capsize Hope...
  6. 17mika

    2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Hi - NOR finally published and entries opened. Reduced fees before January 31st Website: NOR: Entry list:ù Already 50+ mothies entered in one day... I'm...
  7. 17mika

    Amlin Bermuda moth regatta 2016

    Tomorrow the Bermuda Regatta starts Euro guns are all there, Rashley excluded. I'm not really sure how many of the AC Guys will compete, but it looks like the usual suspects (Goodison, Outherridge&Jensen, Babbage) will be in the mix. So pretty good Today...
  8. 17mika

    Foiling Week 2016 - Garda July 4-10

    I't shaping-up to be pretty interesting this year. First Waszp races Big moth Event! (I guess there will be at least 50 boats) 10 GC32! Flying Phantoms, Kites and S9s as last year Some pretty interesting prototypes (I want to see the guys in the Cherub!)...
  9. 17mika

    2016 moth worlds: Hayama

    So,1 month to go till the worlds. Olympics and geography seem to have had an impact on entries... It looks loke No 49er top guys (nathan,burling, etc) and no Bora. Chat in Europe is that Rob Greenhalgh still has the fastest boat,as he...
  10. 17mika

    Bermuda amlin moth regatta - a "quasi" moth worlds

    So,next week in Bermuda it's almost gonna be a world champs I think no Burling, Babbage and Mcnight (and others from down under) but other that every big name's on the list. Who's your money on? I'll go1 2 3 for Ouerridge,Greenhalgh,Rashley
  11. 17mika

    Moth Europeans 2015 (Bataviahaven Lelystad, Netherlands August 25-30th

    So, less than a month to go to the biggest event of the year in Euroland. Numbers seem to go up, from latest euros; 65 already registered. Entry list as now: Any rumour of late entry for some big names still missing? What new stuff...
  12. 17mika

    Foiling week 2015: July 1-5 Lake Garda

    It's just 10 day to go so I guess it is time to start a dedicated post Website: Location : The foiling week™ 2015 taking place from 1st to 5th July 2015 at Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy Entries are open, here the forms Program...
  13. 17mika

    Reinforcing Bladerider Boom

    Hi, Little help from the moth guys. I want to reinforce a bladerider boom, for a friend's boat. I think I'Il do a wet layout over the carbon and vaacum bag it. What amount of fibre? where? all around the boom or just top/bottom? My first guess would be some unidirectional on top/bottom in...
  14. 17mika

    moth:wand stiffness and paddle shape

    Foĺlowing from the bladerider hinge thread... I've been having sone issues of mainfoil ventilation on starboard upwind, when using a lot of bungee tension, so I was wondering what are peoples'ideas about paddle shapes that help reduce wand interference on the mainfoil. probably reducing the...
  15. 17mika

    Moth rig choice for lightweight

    Hi all, I've finally decided that this summer I'll upgrade from my Bladerider to a current-spec moth. My biggest peculiarity is that I'm quite light, 63-64 kg. I'm going of course to look for a boat (mach2 or some british design) with small foils. But my biggest doubts are on the rig, since...
  16. 17mika

    Moth: questions on Bladerider upgrades

    Hi everybody: Starting with a standard Bladerider X8, I'm doing some small low-cost upgrades, not looking 4 speed, but for a better training platform (currently trying to get some consistency in the gybes, since 50% is not really a good success rate :D ). I'm asking some feedback and advice on...
  17. 17mika

    Moth Europeans starting today

    The euros are starting today in Marsala (Sicily), with an interesting weather (20-30 knots on "scirocco" expected). Anyone has news on new developments or interesting news? Official site: In the meantime, a couple of days ago Chris Rast posted a pretty insane...
  18. 17mika

    Looking for a ride in Chicago

    Hi everybody, I'm coming from Italy to the windy City next week for a week long holiday, and I'm wondering whether it's a stupid idea to bring my dry suit with me... Is any Anarchist looking for a crew for a ride? :D Where should I look for clubs in Chicago? I got plenty of experience of...
  19. 17mika

    Women's Skiff: let the battle start

    Here's the doc[11322].pdf Main indications are: 110-130 kg crew (heavy side for girls?) FRP construction (no carbon hull?) sloop rig with assy twin trapeze 5-25 knots wind range athletically challenging to the elite...
  20. 17mika

    Frisco and the Bay: where to go?

    Hi all, in a couple of weeks I'll get by car to San Francisco with a couple of friends (coming from Las Vegas), and stay there for a couple of days, before coming back to Italy. What to see? Where to sleep cheap? Where to get drunk? Anyone needs a crew? :D The only places I've been told...