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  1. Airwick

    Why is there no thread about this BigKanu "thing"?

    This is definitely an interesting design, it's seriously outside the box (like half way around the block from the box): anyone know the scoop? I'm not sure what to think, it looks like it was designed mostly by feel but it seems to be done with much higher standards the infamous Flyin'Hawayan...
  2. Airwick

    Floppy hulls

    I just came across this video and was really surprised by the amount of flex in the hulls. Watch the starboard bow at about 6s into the video as it comes out of the water: it seems like it's moving a foot side to side (like a blob of jello). I guess...
  3. Airwick

    Video Friday: Sailing and surfing in the Salomon Islands Anarchy

    This is a web-series and successive episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Fridays over the next few weeks. It's in French but they have English subtitles. Teaser: Edit: isn't it supposed to embed the videos in here?
  4. Airwick

    Sailing/Surfing adventure on a small trimaran

    I'm not sure which category this belongs to, but there's definitely sailing... and Anarchy! Check out these crazy French surfers sailing around the Solomon islands looking for the best waves, and filming it for all of us to enjoy. Teaser video (has English sub-titles): The website is only...