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  1. ClimbnSail

    zero the hero

    I am a group 3 because of my business. I am classed in the same group as Jimmy Spithill. Really? This pretty much knocks me out of crewing on any amateur only event. I am talking about going sailing and not getting paid. Disqualified. I think it should be performance based, and the rules...
  2. ClimbnSail

    Craigslist Finds

    was really just curious if anyone knows anything about the advance built FDs.
  3. ClimbnSail

    Craigslist Finds

    Just picked up a FD (1976 Advance build) for a song on ebay, with trailer and new tires. I have a US1 built by them and it is a really solid boat, other than the places they used ply. (Already replaced with corecell and glassed...) Anyone know about the advance built FDs? I would love to see...
  4. ClimbnSail

    Flying Tiger

    the MI boat is a great deal, it is setup really well. I have done a couple transeries and a mac on it.
  5. ClimbnSail

    Find me an Offshore Sporty 35-40' Under 100K

    FT10, plenty of macs (both) done on them, think some of the west coast boats have done some mexico stuff too. And, you can drag it back home at 65 kts to windward! bring on the haters....
  6. ClimbnSail

    Sydney Hobart start live streaming thread.

    Wonder why comanche is still slow?
  7. ClimbnSail

    melges 24 sails

    Everyones designs are pretty refined at this point. Find a sailmaker that will provide you with the best service. On these boats, it is very important on HOW you sail them, a trusted sailmaker would help you get to speed.
  8. ClimbnSail

    SR Max 21

    Who made the sails? That would be where to start, they could tell you things like prebend and mast sag. This is why I always say, pick the sailmaker that is going to give the best service to you.
  9. ClimbnSail

    Say goodbye to the Flying Tiger forum

    Thanks. Bob emailed that too. Now to figure out how to get themminto the right digital format so sailgrib wr will read them.
  10. ClimbnSail

    Say goodbye to the Flying Tiger forum

    Anyone have the polar file (.pol) for the ft10? please and thank you. Trying out some new tech...
  11. ClimbnSail

    Tiger FT #20

    Does anyone have the polar file for ft10? thanks
  12. ClimbnSail

    Tiger FT #20

    Great job. Lets keep it rolling for next week!
  13. ClimbnSail

    Tempest or Wabbit style boat

    There's a wabbit here in Louisville sat for years in the yard, does not look bad, but I have not been on it.
  14. ClimbnSail

    Anyone know about the Ultimate 30 sitting in Vancouver/Gibsons BC? I dont know if you care, but there's one in Cincinnati. Just for your info gathering.
  15. ClimbnSail

    Say goodbye to the Flying Tiger forum

    Oh yea, whats the deal on the lake lanier winter series? Dates? Headcount? go ahead and hate away...
  16. ClimbnSail

    Say goodbye to the Flying Tiger forum

    Ft10s are fast and fun. Very ergonomic to sail, and built to last. True they had a few issues, but what boat is perfect? I personally think the ft 7.5s missed the boat in the us. If the original builder would have shown half the support of the melges or jboats guys, the j70 would not be...
  17. ClimbnSail

    square head batten question

    Flip flop batten pocket would work wouldnt it?
  18. ClimbnSail

    Will there be a foiling beachcat class someday?

    I was just thinking the same thing Timbo.
  19. ClimbnSail

    Say goodbye to the Flying Tiger forum

    Qmn is for sale, at least I believe it is.