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  1. plenamar

    Roller furling fowl-up in Patagonia

    Recently sailed from Puerto Deseado to Camarones (Argentine Patagonia). Got caught in a squall of Cabo Blanco (25-28 kts). Sailing with wind aprox 120  degreees off bow. Tried to furl Yankee (old, recut sail originally Genoa 2). Homongous foul-up: bottom 11/2 - 2/3 of sail furled OK, top 1/3...
  2. plenamar


    My "nearly new" Hummingbird depth finder works of-and-on. Better on one tack than the other. Installed near centerline, aprox 1/3 from bow. Some 20 " from leading edge of keel. Is this depthfinder a POS or should I look into instalation?   Any recommendation on a reasonably priced "better"...
  3. plenamar

    Jib (on furler) area rule-of-thumb

    Appreciate opinions (I do not have access to sail plan or NA) 125 % Genoa on 36 ft steel cruising boat has aprox 37 mt^2 sail area. Ketch with cutter stay. We are planning on buying a jib to put on Genoa stay (back-up sail to be used mostly in Patagonia) What size (expressed as a % or current...
  4. plenamar

    German Frers Webinar now

    German Frers webinar now
  5. plenamar

    Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

    Zoom presentation on sailing Patagonian and Tierra del Fuego waters (2019 and 2020). In Spanish. Friday May 8 17:00 EST. Link for registration (after registration they send Zoom link)
  6. plenamar

    Garcia Exploration 45

    I an intrigued by the Garcia Exploration 45 yacht These are pure centerboarders (no lifting or shallow keel). How ia adequate AVS achieved? Are these yachts adequate for windward sailing?
  7. plenamar

    Large boats down south

    I am now in Ushuaia (Argentina). Arrived in a 36 footer. Several cruisers here are in the LOA 50 - 70 foot range. I wonder  how they manage large sailplans in these high- and erratic wind areas. Yes, I know they have electric winches etc. But it still gives me the creeps sailing 25+ TWS with...
  8. plenamar

    Le Maire Strait - Sputh

    Any thoughts on sailing Le Maire (E to W)? Thetis Bay as a stopover?  Haw far offshore is best for passage las 200-300 miles cooming from the N to Le Maire? 
  9. plenamar

    New launching - Frers "Recluta"

    Yesterday Yacht Club Argentino, San Fernando, Buenos Aires. New 60 + (?) sloop. Plank on frame. This boat was designed in the 1940s (1950s??) by Germán Frers Sr. (father of Germán Frers, now in his late 70´s).  Photo 3 & 4: Frers and his new baby -- I understand that the he is the happy...
  10. plenamar

    Pinhole leak

    A bilge water tank has been converted for storing diesel (Van de Stadt 34 "Seal"). It seems to me that the boat´s keel forms 8/10´s of the side walls of the tank (it is not a separate tank dropped into the bilge). The upper 2/10´s of the tank "walls" rise above the hull bottom, and reach the...
  11. plenamar

    Altri tempi

    Bought this book (zero expectations)  a couple of months ago in (amazing) Sea Ocean Books store in Seattle. In the "On Sale" bin ($1.99?).  Excellent account of sailing in times past. An elite sport maybe. But Pinchot was an excellent sailor and true gentleman. His (and his wife's) love for...
  12. plenamar

    Hourmeter yanmar 2ym30

    4 year old yanmar.  < 350 hrs works fine but: hourmeter conks out, in pa rticular cool/humid days But keeps counting emgine time what to do?
  13. plenamar

    SAR South Atlantic

    Anybody know more about this? Does this charter yacht have a WebPage?
  14. plenamar

    Dripless seals

    Are "dripless seals" any good? I read that the can fail catastrophicall & result innboat full of water/sinking. Any opinion?
  15. plenamar

    The ancient and noble art of sailing...

    Peninsula Valdés, Argentine Patagonia. Hard time going to windward in 25-30 kt. 
  16. plenamar

    Delorme (now Garmin) Inreach weather forecasts

    The Inreach devise can receive weather forecasts. This is very usefull for those lacking access to more sophisticated (expensive) alternatives. Any opinion on the accuracy of the forectasts that result from the Inreach ?  What climate model does Inreach use? thanks, M
  17. plenamar

    JOGA class cartoons (spanish)

    Cartoons by Hernan Alvarez Forn ( "Hormiga Negra"). Argentine sailor, writer, artist and architect.  Here the old JOGA class...
  18. plenamar

    Visiting Seattle

    Will be visiting Seattle Sept 1-13. Would be happy to crew for a couple of days. Currently own half-tonner in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. Regards, Can send CV + personal info MG
  19. plenamar

    Slack leeward shrouds

    Leeward shrouds on my 30 ft half-tonner show substantial "slackness" when sailing upwind in a 15-18 (apparent) windspeed. Is this normal? Shoud shrouds be adjusted tighter? 
  20. plenamar

    Engin oil expiration date

    12 months ago I bought engine oil. I didn't use it at the time. Is it OK to use it now? Does oil have an expiration date?