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  1. star-sailor

    pictures of elies' rescue

    5 pics, text is in german. he looks exhausted, great job by RAN. the text says that his injuries are more dangerous than expected. several ribs are broken and might have damaged his lungs.,1518,597810,00.html
  2. star-sailor

    new Wally launched (Barong C)

    would you spend 10 mill $ for a new Wally... and use some supersized Mac26X-sails?
  3. star-sailor

    photos of Movistar's keelbox

    first pics:
  4. star-sailor

    what happened to TP52 Atalanti XV?

    could not find a listing. is it sold and sailing under a new name? what was the problem with the boat? kahn's tp52 is listed in is he building a new one? and again: what's the problem with pegasus?
  5. star-sailor

    Aussie Pro Paul Anderson

    I'm just curious as he was announced as a crewmember on the "local" TP52 (Team Astro - - in German). I did a google-search but there are just to many Andersons. I'm not interested in anything personal, just want to know on which boats / in which positions he...
  6. star-sailor

    close fight into wellington

    Light winds in cook-street - ABN1 and Movistar within a few hundred meters of each other. rest of the fleet catching up. looks like a nerve-wrecking fight to the finish-line for the top5- boats.
  7. star-sailor

    keel-ram failure “No one predicted the types of dynamic loads these boats would be under. Everyone was starting from scratch. Already the boats are faster than ever before, and soon they will be faster. In the meantime, people will carry on learning...
  8. star-sailor

    Photos of Brazil's jury-rig click on 50 latest images and you will find lots of brand new brazil-pics.
  9. star-sailor

    Pirates problems are getting worse

    found this on yachting-world (but not on the VOR-homepage....) hopefully they will make it to melbourne in one piece. In his latest email from the boat Cayard says, "It has been a tough night out here on the Great Australian Bight. Thunder, lightening and constant rain have been on the menu...
  10. star-sailor

    Movistar's hydraulics damaged again

    same failure again: "Back to where we were on movistar. The replaced O-ring in the port hydraulic ram has spat the dummy. Consequence, the keel is back to a max of 20 degrees, this way not much force on the cylinders and less loss of hydraulic fluid. We can go of course to a single ram, but...
  11. star-sailor

    Scary movie...

    not for me :unsure:
  12. star-sailor

    Grael speaks out

    ..."Of course the ABN boats are faster in certain conditions, but they are also slower in others. I think that Juan Kouyoumdjian, who designed these boats, put more time into the project and the race and that is why the ABN boats appear to be doing better so far."...
  13. star-sailor

    waypoint Kerguelen Islands

    do they have to go around? the VS-rhumbline implies that. or are the 3,5 points going to the first boat reaching the longitude of the kerguelens?
  14. star-sailor

    another update: world-record

    the ABN-boats are on the way to break the 24h-monohull-record: ABN1 now 519nm! (530nm by Movistar). watch out for the next 6h-sched at 1600GMT.
  15. star-sailor

    sailing-books for christmas

    Asking for help: I need two books (english or german)- one covering racing-tactics, the other trim (round the buoys, olympic classes) - for a christmas-present. Any advice? What about Bill Gladestone? Or Stuart Walker?