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  1. bmiller

    Help with my tablet please.

    Samsung tablet, all of a sudden the three buttons at the bottom don't work and mobile data quit. Without the buttons I have to shut down completely in order to close a program or app. What to do?
  2. bmiller

    Baxter Black RIP

    The Cowboy Poet has passed. His final column from a few months ago.,9602 Wiki link
  3. bmiller

    Now it's the humpbacks turn.

  4. bmiller

    SCUBA anarchy

    For many, many years I've been meaning to get dive certified. But like so many other things it got pushed back and the next you know I'm 62 wishing I'd done it 30 years ago. With a planned trip to Kona I thought what a great place to do the open water portion of the course. So I finally got off...
  5. bmiller

    21/22 ski season

    Day one, feel the burn baby! Feel the burn. Pretty skinny start to the season, but hey its sliding on "snow".
  6. bmiller

    Group W

    It's that time. Channeling my inner hasher.
  7. bmiller

    Attempted boat theft, video.

    Dumb ass
  8. bmiller

    Home connectivity question.

    I have an ethernet connection out in my shop for internet service. Brand new computer does not have an ethernet port. Will an ethernet to USB adapter provide the internet connection? $ Or would a wifi range extender work better? $$ I'm thinking the hard wire is a better solution? The...
  9. bmiller

    Question regarding main sheet on X-412

    Just looking at boats I came across the X-412 and thought the mainsheet configuration a bit odd. Did some more looking and it appears to be common on their boats. I'll do my best to describe how it appears to me. Or check out this listing and sail data...
  10. bmiller

    Damn, just found my old boat for sale.

    And she is in sad shape. link I got a private message from another board, the guy recognized it while researching boats and contacted me. All my hard work, love and money wasting away. Still they are very well boats and it would be a good project. 
  11. bmiller


    Is it just me or has a significant percentage of the post covid tourists turned into a bunch of entitled self centered fuckwits? My town has always been a tourist destination in the summer but the current onslaught has been overwhelming our limited infrastructure. Massive rvs pulling multiple...
  12. bmiller

    insurance question for old boat

    I just picked up an old Catalina 22 as a place holder so as not to lose a mooring I just got. Hoping for something better in the future. Anyway, Geico will not insure anything over 40 years old, this one most certainly is. Where should I look for liability insurance only for an older boat?
  13. bmiller

    Critique this situation.

    For educational purposes. Went aground at low tide, would be very bumpy but just wait to float off? Learned that the hard way myself..... And no attempt to reduce draft....
  14. bmiller

    Happy Birthday David Gilmour

    75 today Post your favorite.
  15. bmiller

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    Been on a wait list for a mooring on Dillon, got the call, I'm up. Have had a couple other boats there in the past, it's a great place to spend the summer. Now I need to find a boat! The last few years I've been all over the place in regards to what I can actually do sailing. The most sensible...
  16. bmiller

    More infrastructure fuckery.

    Over the weekend a natural gas pump station serving Aspen was vandalized causing 3500 customers to lose service. Public utilities are ripe for the picking of homeland...
  17. bmiller

    Help an idiot out, scanning qr codes

    Am I the only person left that still uses a flip phone? Anyway I need to scan a qr code, obviously not with my flip but I do have a samsung tablet that should do the job. I just can't figure out how. Yes I did google it and followed the directions, no joy. The group of people that sent the...
  18. bmiller

    Stargazing app?

    There's lots of them to choose from. What's good and user friendly?
  19. bmiller

    Gilbert 30+

    Just a topic for discussion. While doing a random search I ran across a guy selling a trailer, in the photo was a cool looking boat I did not recognize. So I asked what it was, a Gilbert 30+. Well that sent me down a rabbit hole. Link to info and history Apparently Mr Gilbert worked for...
  20. bmiller

    Hull ID look up?

    I can't seem to find where to look up hull IDs to determine the manufacturer.  One of you has a link at your fingertips too save me further frustration.