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  1. ClimbnSail

    FT10 in Mac Race

    Just wondering if anyone knows exactly what happened to Koko Loko (the sole ft10) in the Mac race, The radio was going nonstop saturday night with boats retiring for different reasons and I believe I heard koko loko retiring due to rudder failure? I know they have done the race since the boat...
  2. ClimbnSail

    Lake Garda, ITA

    I am going to be at lake garda may 30th and may 31st. I am looking to get out sailing on your beautiful lake. I will buy beer, lunch, etc. I am an experienced sailor sportboats, displacement, a sails, s sails, whatever.... My wife is a sailor but not so much a racer, but she does look good...
  3. ClimbnSail

    2010 Beneteau First 36.7 NACs in Annapolis

    Looking to crew for nap town NAs I have done the Buffalo, Chicago, and Detroit NACs with mid pack performances. 6'5" 265lbs So I am a bit of a gorilla, but I can do any job needed on the boat. (with the exception of light air foredeck and main, as my weight in the ends in the light stuff is...
  4. ClimbnSail

    dago sailors

    I have a humble request for any sailors in the san diego area, I am in town for 48 hours and would love to get out on the water, I will buy beer, sandwiches, rum, ice, fuel, hookers, whatever... Experinced in the FT10 class (#60 Viper, #58Toy Tiger, #39QMN) S2 7.9s, 36.7s (3x NAs) etc...
  5. ClimbnSail

    KWRW '09

    I know not a lot of boats are going to KWRW this year, but here is me looking for a ride. Experienced sailor, 36.7, S2 9.1, 7.9, FT10, Tripp 26, Martin 243, etc. PHRF or OD, fast or not so fast, I don't care, I just want to sail. I might have lodging with some space, pm me for details. I will...
  6. ClimbnSail

    Good Crew available for Chi-Mac

    Experienced can racer and offshore cruiser / delivery skipper looking to do the mac. Right Now I am available for the delivery back, I can provide references and resume if you'd like. I have my own foulies/sleeping bag/thermarest, etc. Let me know what I need to bring and I will. 255lbs 6'5"...
  7. ClimbnSail

    Annapolis Sailors... who wants beer!

    Hey anyone in nap town, does anyone want to go out sailing april 6th... does anyone have any boats in yet? Heres the deal, I have never been to annapolis and have to go for a wedding that weekend, I have all sunday off with a late flight sun night. I would love to get out (weather dependent)...
  8. ClimbnSail

    Exp. Crew available fot St pete

    Looking for a ride for St pete, was going to ride on a tripp 26, but the fleet is cancelled. I have experience for any position, normally bow/mast 26 yrs old male 6'5" 230 lbs Give me a call or email Marc mcrutcher(at) 502-718-2969
  9. ClimbnSail

    HELP! Spiderwebs are killing me! (S2 9.1)

    I was wondering if anyone has a good solution to spiderwebs, The little bastards keep tangling up the wind instruments and i am getting a bit tired of going aloft to fix it (every week unless more often for races.) It seems that an olson 911 at the end of our dock doesn;t have the same...