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  1. billsreef

    FBI storms Mar a Lago

  2. billsreef

    Hurricane Season 2022

    How is it that someone too dumb to move their million dollar car out of the way of expected flooding and major tide surges can afford a million dollar car?
  3. billsreef

    A new low - cover up McCain

    His diehard followers tend to be petty assholes themselves.
  4. billsreef

    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Get away from the high end Waterfront and just a few blocks from the business strips, and there are some very low rent areas of West Palm. Someone has to wait tables, clean houses of the wealthy, etc.
  5. billsreef

    Billionaires Block Student Loan Forgiveness

    Indeed. Only the billionaire class should get any tax breaks and benifits from the federal government at the expense of peon class. It should never be the other way around.
  6. billsreef

    Recession, gas prices, interest rates, primary school sex ed, loan forgiveness....what a mess...FJB

    I am not worrying about a moron in the White House fucking us up. I would call that a huge improvement.
  7. billsreef

    Southern Ocean Heating - re: "Irreversible" on SA headline

    Gene splicing cannot be done without leaving telltale signs that any geneticist can find with a simple PCR machine. The original virus and the varients have no signs of such lab tampering. You might want to loosen your tin foil hat a bit.
  8. billsreef

    Hurricane Season 2022

    It's the combination that spells bad news. Get out now while you can. Just spent a couple of minutes staring at the satellite imagery, looking like it's aiming for somewhere between Naples and Ft. Meyers at the moment. We'll see what the NHC thinks in about 20 minutes.
  9. billsreef

    Ian just exploded.

    Ha. If I count up all the once in 50 year and once in a 100 year storms I have been through, in storm years I make Methusela look young! These damn storms are all too common. That said, if you need make insurance claims after Ian, be sure what your coverage includes and word claim right. After...
  10. billsreef

    Murder Charges for Abortion?

    Canadian, eh?
  11. billsreef

    Buying votes with taxpayer money.

    Billionaires are the only taxpayers whose votes are worth buying.
  12. billsreef

    Murder Charges for Abortion?

    While I quite agree with the first part, I am not so sure about being beyond the dark ages...
  13. billsreef

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Working at university I talk with a lot of young people. Lots of them have strong opinions, but rarely actually bother to vote. I very strongly encourage them to get off their asses and vote. One of the interesting things living in North Miami is the Haitian American community. They take...
  14. billsreef

    Where Has ANTIFA Gone?

    It's the semi part they find insulting.
  15. billsreef

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Living with him for a governor, it is the sort of nonsense that I have come to expect from DeSatan. Disrespectful is what he does. I am not holding my breath, but I really hope he loses the next election.
  16. billsreef

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    MoRon is very good at pettiness. He will gladly accept those federal FEMA dollars and pretend it is all his doing.
  17. billsreef

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Why am I not surprised.
  18. billsreef

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Sounds like a great reason to donate to Val Demings.
  19. billsreef

    Shannon Brandt, ring any bells?

    That is usually what happens when dogs chase their tails.
  20. billsreef

    Hurricane Season 2022

    Good luck to everyone on the Gulf Coast.