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  1. bored broker

    So I stopped in at the gun store...........

    I had some time to kill on Friday and remembered that I had dropped on of the magazines from my .22 the last time I was out so I stopped into the gun shop. I wouldn't call myself a regular but I do target shoot about 1K rounds a year. This stop had a distinctly different vibe than any time in...
  2. bored broker

    Has the cost to produce oil really increased?

    Has the cost to get oil out of the ground and transported to refineries really increased due to the war in Ukraine or is it just an excuse for the oil companies to make more profit? This is an honest question. I just don't see it.
  3. bored broker

    Anyone have experience with large video camera systems?

    I am the facilities manager for a fairly large outdoor retail store. We are looking at replacing/upgrading out video surveillance system. Current system uses about 120 cameras. Can anyone here give me feedback on an estimate for a system of this size?
  4. bored broker

    Looking for a Laser II main sail

    Do any of our friends from North of the Border have any sails for Laser II's laying around. Or, dose anyone know of where I can get new one's without having to get custom.  I love sailing the boat but the mice got to my old main and it is way too far gone to use. 
  5. bored broker

    Surf board repair

    What type of resin can I use to repair a foam core surf board?
  6. bored broker

    space fans will like this I was trying to find one of the aviation threads to put this in but could not find one that I thought would work. Enjoy
  7. bored broker

    YYC Level's?

    I grew up in Youngstown NY and the Level Regatta was always the highlight of the year. This was the 40th Level and the last. Who went and how was the party? What s your best (or foggiest) memory of Levels past? Dose anyone have pictures of the rafts of boats from the late 80's or early 90's...
  8. bored broker

    Which one of you guys is this? I know it must be one of you.
  9. bored broker

    carbon repair

    I do a lot of repair work on canoes an d kayaks. A lady came in yesterday with a Carbon/kevlar kayak that is just about broken in half. Boat is made of one skin of carbon on the outside, foam core and a layer of kevlar on the inside. Here are some pics. As you can see the boat has a clear coat...
  10. bored broker


    Another one bites the dust. One more reason to get rid of those f% jet skies. Retired NASA astronaut Alan Poindexter, 1961-2012 U.S. Navy Capt. Alan Poindexter, a retired NASA astronaut, was killed in a water scooter accident in Florida over the weekend.   Poindexter, 51, was with his two...
  11. bored broker

    CNN article

    Article about youth solo sailors. Judge for yourself.
  12. bored broker

    Sesamy Street I hope I got the link posted properly. It is the rare day that I am the one to get to one of thee posts first. Have fun.
  13. bored broker

    Any kayakers on here

    So our Lake has been flooded this spring (Lake Champlaine) so they have not been able to launch many of the sail boats yet. It looks like the C&C 99 will finaly hit the water this week. In the mean time all the rain has made for a pretty epic white water season. Also we are able to take the...
  14. bored broker


    Hi All, I am looking for a place to stay in Westport, Ma For this coming Thursday night through Saturday night. I am taking a Sea Kayaking Instructor Certification Course out of Osprey Sea Kayak Adventure's and just need a warm place to sleep and dry my gear. I don't even need a couch. I am on...
  15. bored broker

    A Hobie Questio

    The Community Sailing Center that I Coach for is having some equipment from a defunct chandlerie donated to them. I the stuff being donated are 4 brand new, never sean water (or daylight) Hobie 16's and 14's. We are not sure whether these boats are complete or not. The store closed in the...
  16. bored broker

    I think I am becoming adicted to the internet.

    So I'm following the VOR both here on SA and on the Volvo site while also following a couple of solar energy threads and my facebook page and it ocures to me that I am spending way to much time looking at my computer. Like any good drunk, I'm not going to stop but I think if I at least admit to...
  17. bored broker

    asking for recomendation

    The topic says it all. I am looking for a good rigger in the detroit are for a customer of mine.
  18. bored broker

    Today is an anniversary

    Just a little weather trivia here. Today is the annaversary of the highest RECORDED wind speed on the planet. It was registered during a gust at the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire at 231 mph (I think but no time to verifie). It is reported that durring the gust a J/105 did in fact plain.
  19. bored broker

    SA Parts list

    I have seen a few places where people have had old discontinued parts ccostom made. It is great that anyone who has to do this is willing to share. The question becomes, how the hell do we keep track of it all. (and avoid any legal isues) Would it be possible for the Ed to pin a link to a...
  20. bored broker

    I think Clean is getting married tomarow

    If memory serves me right (which it rarely dose) I think Mr. Clean is getting married Saturday. I think it is about 3:45 in Detroit right now. Lets start the speculated commentary based solely on history, speculation and entertainment. Almost 4:00 It should be just about time for the rehearsal...