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  1. Knut Grotzki

    Scroll bars hardly visible

    Hi, I am using a Lenovo Notebook - Windows 10 standard colours - Firefox browser For SA the right vertical scroll bar fucker is not easily visible. Whenever I want to scroll up or down - I need to concentrate much to find the little fucker to point my mouse to and to scroll. Is it possible to...
  2. Knut Grotzki

    From the front page: Wally Family Cruising Well if I read the wally website correctly they succeeded in having 2 times a family-friendly layout in one boat. That´s neat - 2 crew messes. Sure the yacht looks a little bit "stuffed". A real superyacht but no wally. Maybe they got wallying...
  3. Knut Grotzki

    Going ballistic

    "The UK today announced ... that the UK is raising a self-imposed limit on its overall nuclear warhead stockpile, abandoning a previous cap of 225 warheads as well as the current reduction target of 180 by the mid-2020s, and replacing it with a new cap of 260 warheads."...
  4. Knut Grotzki

    Sea Shanties (from the Main Page)

    Have you heard of the Wellerman? Tik Tok? Have a look into - made my day...
  5. Knut Grotzki


    The Caspian Sea Monster Well the bow looks like by Raison designed - but that it with similiarities. This ground effect vehicle had been a shock when taking flight. Remembered me of Charal taking off in the vendee. Never mind, enjoy the short video. You might need to start it on Youtube ...
  6. Knut Grotzki

    SA logos

    Good morning, near Lake Cospuden in Saxony/Germany at a train underpass a SA logo had been sprayed some time ago. This morning the streets were empty so I had a chance to take a picture. I wonder who did this and if they realized what they did there... Any similar pictures near your home?
  7. Knut Grotzki

    Mini Globe Race 2024 - Classe Mini 580

    Old times masochists? Enjoy: McIntyre Adventure, organizer of the Solo 2018 and the fully crewed 2023 , will soon announce plans to establish an exciting new International One Design Class of plywood, Mini 5.80-meter...
  8. Knut Grotzki

    Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 - Cruising Log

    Several times I gave references here to the "No frills Sailing" site of Lars Reisberg. Nicely written, high quality pictures and a broad variety of topics, fair and thorough boat tests. As the Baltic Sea is my favourite cruising area - and Beneteau of the price wise brands surely the one to...
  9. Knut Grotzki

    Regatta Starting App / Timer IPhone IOS

    Hej, looking for a good regatta starting app / round the cans weekly race. I tried and o but I would rather have the countdown on the screen...
  10. Knut Grotzki

    Nav Software - OpenCPN - CM93 Chart Symbols

    Hi, I am using OpenCPN with CM93 Charts on a Windows PC. There is one symbol (red dot with an white cross in it) which drives me mad. The symbol vanishes when zooming in. The object queery varies on each dot. The Chart No. 1 does not give expanations. Neither does the OpenCPN helf file. I am...
  11. Knut Grotzki

    Design Review: Outstar 48 (credentials to A new "fast shorthanded cruiser" design by Lorenzo Argento to be build by Algro Yachting. Intesting design, double engines, partial hardtop, standard goodies, but for me more answers than questions, starting...
  12. Knut Grotzki

    Physics in Reality: Sailing without wind

    I just don´t get it. Sailing without wind. Apparent wind induced only due to the river current. This is the easy part. But how would you sail AGAINST the current. Maybe they pick up speed and jibe and the using the speed to build up pressure to have the foils/daggerboard to induce sufficient...
  13. Knut Grotzki

    The Great Lakes System

    I´ve never seen it that way: Source:
  14. Knut Grotzki

    Dehler OD 30

    News leaking from Hanse/Dehler, have a look: Electric Propulsion! Here the full article from our friends at BLUR They - again - had been the fastest.
  15. Knut Grotzki

    Which yacht is this?

    Cruising Brittany with my wife in a camper. Having a look into each harbor we come across. Yesterday in Saint Malo - what a lovely corsair city built like a castle (intra muros). Waiting for the bus I saw this ingenious 50 ft. wishbone cat yacht (smartphone shot, the grey one). Many small...
  16. Knut Grotzki

    Seascape Silverrudder 2017 - The Hard Bastards Association

    Round the island - Danish stype - Singlehanded Coastal Racing - Any boat - Enjoy if you have 10 minutes - enlisting 2018 not possible any more... "Once again all 450 tickets are sold in a short period of time. We experience furthermore huge interest in...
  17. Knut Grotzki

    VPP for dinghies and skiffs

    JimC is correct, VPPs of non-yachts are hard to find. Lets start a collection of VPP diagrams: 470 49er Laser Please add any other links you have...
  18. Knut Grotzki

    VPP for Contender Class (Dinghy singlehanded)

    I am looking for a VPP diagram for the Conteder Class. By the way, for keel boats my best source is
  19. Knut Grotzki

    100-foot Waves Expected near Aleutian Islands "There is a monster storm in progress in the Bering Strait headed to the Aleutians that promises to generate extremely high waves today and tomorrow. The unusual shape to the Low is a partial result of...
  20. Knut Grotzki

    Helly Hansen or Musto - buy both

    Just read that Helly Hansen bought Musto. Musto inclusive CEO will stay. Best of both worlds? Lets hope...