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  1. Mike G

    What's the eventual outcome? Abortion legal/illegal?

    I guess I'm wondering about the state of our country in say 15 years or so. States that allow abortions, possibly no change? States that ban abortions, what will be different? First off, those with money will still be able to get an abortion, via travel to their another state on their own dime...
  2. Mike G

    What say you nutters? Clean shoot?

    Is this guy going to do time?  Or be on Tucker soon? A relative of a judge.
  3. Mike G

    Are you safe? I don't know.

    At least they don't have those traumatic masks to fret about.
  4. Mike G

    September 18th.

  5. Mike G

    Trump Org? Never heard of it.

    The investigation has taken a turn.
  6. Mike G

    Inauguration Fuckery

    Here's a thread for upcoming events.
  7. Mike G

    Results as they come in

    East coast first....sound off!
  8. Mike G

    Election Security Press Conference

    Well? Comey making an "announcemtnt?" Some other spoiler?
  9. Mike G

    Presidential Debate #1

    Let me just start out by saying I felt Biden was flat.  Low energy.  I also suspect he is taking drugs, and had a listening device in his ear. Not presidential at all. Sad. Bigly.
  10. Mike G

    R.B.G. DTS

    Condolences. Wait like last time?
  11. Mike G

    DHS warning about foreign interference not circulated

    Seems fishy, no? The draft bulletin, titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election,” was submitted to the agency’s legislative and public affairs office for review on July 7. The analysis was not meant for public consumption, but it was set to be...
  12. Mike G

    Barr testifying.

    Will he actually show? Will he tell the truth? Will the Dems fuck this up and let him weasel out? Hes angry already...
  13. Mike G

    Operation Legend

    Winning strategy to win an election? More chaos? WHERE are the people with spines to stand up to this?
  14. Mike G

    Portland "officers?"

    Is this normal?
  15. Mike G

    Supremes 6-25-20

    I'm going to go ahead and start a thread. Supposed to be an announcement today, Thursday, from RBG and the Supremes. We're due for a ruling on the, well, documents "he" would produce after the audit was done. There are a LOT of people that apparently believed that, and are/aren't surprised...
  16. Mike G

    You already got me dude

    t & p? Fuck you gun fucking nutters.  
  17. Mike G


    Takes a baller to get between Trump and a camera.
  18. Mike G

    Dude steals a plane

    Not sure how political this is...but sad that he was in such a bad place in his life...
  19. Mike G

    Can Ollie even OWN a gun?

    Isn't he a convicted felon?
  20. Mike G