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    Take a look at the 89'er thread and  you will follow a great build of a cool boar with wings : 
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    Great looking boat so far. Just love those curves.
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    Young and Full of Promise

    She is looking great. Hard work paid off. Now to the fun side. Sailing and enjoying.
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    Young and Full of Promise

    Great to see the finished product and safe splashing.
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    Looking good and I agree with you on using a male mold on a low production boat and you will be able to see the shapes and ensure you are happy with the result. 
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    Looking great so far. Can see the cool curves and look forward to see the plating and further building.
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    Looking forward to follow your building process Julian. I have always loved the 89er and would love to build one myself given the chance.
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    The Indian variant is racing through the UK

    And now there is even a Delta + even faster spreading.
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    Retro boat JOJ30 Advice!

    That is one great looking boat and it should give a lot of great sailing time. I saw however that you are selling it already. That must hurt. 
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    Seems like a troll that have just joined and want to be famous.
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    There was One I550 build in Brazil by Bruno Telles. He had some challenges but managed to make it work. I contacted him and he suggested to make it by strip planking as the method he made by making large panels and fitting them line Plywood was very difficult.  I can share with you the feedback...
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    Hakan Södergren 31ft racer

    Congratulations. That is indeed a great "Barn find". Looking forward to see it race and win.
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    Flying Tiger 7.5???

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    Which is the J boat that few like?

    J24 and J29.
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    What is it?

    Sexy. Love varnished wooden boats.
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    FP - Red Bull

    Would love to see RB sponsor a great boat and rock.
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    x-yachts x-119

    You can find the brochure for the X-119 here: There is a X-yacht owners club with a large technical library where I am sure you can get a lot answers:
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    Headsail change setup

    Use double headstay foils:|118|2358486|2358490&id=1167774
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    Bow pole fittings

    Take a look at the I550 blogs. There are few of the builders who has made articulating pole solutions:
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    Even by adding winglets to the breve tail will it improve the performance. Here Wild Oats' modified beaver bulb...