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  1. Tomfl

    What is going on with cat prices

    I spend way too much time on Facebook and lately have seen an increase in the number of what I will call older (1990-2000) but well known catamarans for sale for fairly reasonable prices compared to say six months ago.  Any thoughts on that?
  2. Tomfl

    Curious about the market

    As the hurricane season is quickly approaching I am again having a fantasy about storing my Seawind catamaran in a hurricane hole and getting an fboat I can go 55mph to windward on interstate to sail on long weekends (or even a week or two).  Just did a few google searches and it seems like...
  3. Tomfl

    Golf Cart Battery source

    When I bought my Seawind in 2012 it had four West Marine rebranded Trojan six volt golf cart batteries that I was gonna replace as soon as they went bad.  Well after ten years of service (both to me and the PO) they have finally bitten the dust so I need some replacements. I am having a little...
  4. Tomfl

    Strange Corsair question

    Found an ad for a home build C25 (composite, not wood) rigged with a C28 mast and sail.  I have always been under the impression that the center of effort of the sails should be directly above the center of lateral resistance for the hull(s) for a well balanced boat so I have to wonder about...
  5. Tomfl

    chain and rope lock

    Ran across this and not sure if this is even the right name. Currently I am using heavy eye hook in the middle of a bridle to attach the bridle to my anchor chain; but it came with the boat when I bought it in 2012 and is getting long in the tooth. This seems to be an alternative option but I...
  6. Tomfl

    Boat 4 sale; not mine

    This came up in my facebook feet. "Buy an ultime trimaran Gitana 11 ! We put up for sale this legendary trimaran, VPLP built, on the basis of the Belgacom of 2004. Initially 60 feet long (ORMA class), it was extended to 77 feet in 2009, making it into the Ultimate category. Capsized in...
  7. Tomfl

    Back in the day

    I sailed and successfully raced sailboards.  Every one I ever sailed on had a clear plastic window so you could see what was going on to leeward. I just saw a new fboat come up for sale and it had what looked for all the world like the same sorta clear plastic window in the main sail.  Thing is...
  8. Tomfl

    AC45F Lux for sale

    I saw this post in a facebook group. The AC45F Lux is available through our brokerage. This is the complete package for the ultimate foiling experience from the America’s Cup. Located in Long Beach, California. Price is $US60,000. Contact is ferdinand Not sure if this is...
  9. Tomfl

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Not sure what is going on here.  While I have never seen one in the wild I am a big fan of Dragonfly tris.  I was at another site and mentioned that a Dragonfly 40's price was just short of $US1,000,000 (I know this site is in OZ) but someone posted a much cheaper price on a different site...
  10. Tomfl


    Anyone know anything about this.  Kinda seems too good to be true...
  11. Tomfl

    Do you need a license to cruise in Europe

    I am really old school; started sailing over 50 years ago and never got a license till a few years ago when my insurance agent suggested one would lower my rates.  Took the online course offered by Florida and it was worth it. Thing is I am considering getting a second boat to cruise; maybe the...
  12. Tomfl

    One more time

    Considering driving a couple of hours both ways to look at a Farrier Super Tramp.  Pix look good so far, but only of the exterior.  I contacted the owner and asked about pix for the interior.  Question is can anyone comment on what the interior of a Super Tramp is.  Not sure just how usable it...
  13. Tomfl

    Interesting tri rig

    Walking the docks in San Diego before the start of the Baja Ha-Ha and I ran across this tri with an Aero rig of some flavor.
  14. Tomfl

    Compare 24ft Fboats

    I seem to remember the C24MI had a centerboard while the MII had a dagger board; but I think the amas are the same.  Also seem to remember some of the newer 24ft Corsairs had bigger, or at least more volume in the ama front.  But I am not sure where, or how many changes, occurred.  Also think...
  15. Tomfl

    Project Proa For Sale

    Ran across this at cruisersforum.  I know nothing about the boat and have no connection with it but thought it might be of interest. link
  16. Tomfl

    Rating beach cats

    I stumbled across some local beach cats that seem to be advertised at bargain prices.  But I have not seriously been on one in quite a while and that was a Stiletto 23.  One is a Prindle 18-2 (which seems to be different than a Prindel 18) and the other is a Hobie 21 SE.  I am not limiting my...
  17. Tomfl

    Need help finding a Foiling 101 course

    I saw a recent ad for a Catri 24 and watched several vids of it sailing.  It never seemed to be foiling to me.  Also read the archived thread at SA about the Catris.  I have also read several threads started by Doug and SmackDaddy.  They do have some links to vids of what I call boats really...
  18. Tomfl

    fboats in the 24 foot range

    Stuff like the C24 Mk1 and Mk2, and all the later models like them that I have been looking at (again for the umpteenth time) all seem to have conventional heads with holding tanks, unless they have a Porta Pottie or nothing at all.  When I got my Seawind in 2013 it had a composting head and I...
  19. Tomfl

    Anyone know Stiletto prices

    I know used boat prices vary for many reasons; but I am seeing some sub $US10,000 prices for the 27s and even lower for the 23s.  I have no idea what the going price is but at that price I might go for one in decent shape as a day sailer.
  20. Tomfl

    Hiding threads

    Can someone explain why a moderator would hide a post; looks like it happened to me and I am not sure why.