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  1. Stiffler's Mom

    ISO J/122 kite

    Looking for a beater J/122 Kite. Watcha Got?
  2. Stiffler's Mom

    Harvest Moon Regatta- Who's racing?

    Check in..
  3. Stiffler's Mom

    J/24 Worlds- predictions?

    Stacked fleet.
  4. Stiffler's Mom

    fresh water racing bottom paint

    Have a friend buying a new boat. He will wet sail in fresh water on a relatively warm inland lake. What paint are people putting on now for a racing bottom? Don't want ablative.
  5. Stiffler's Mom

    KWRW Predictions?

    J70- Catapult or Masclazone TP- Azurra IRC-?
  6. Stiffler's Mom

    NYYC 42's for sale

    Arethusa, Hoss and several other teams have their boats for sale. What gives?
  7. Stiffler's Mom

    Boat transport from No Cal

    Need a hunter 320 moved from Bay Area (Alameda ) to Nashville, TN for a friend of the family. No trailer. Can be ready in 2-3 weeks. Any ideas on a bonded carrier that knows sailboats?
  8. Stiffler's Mom

    On board Cameras

    Looking for an onboard camera and mount. Several of the Viper bretheren here in Texas have Go pro's in various wild configurations. Help the brotha out.. Want to configure it to handle both dinghy and keelboat.
  9. Stiffler's Mom

    Jabba Vs. Anarchy is over!

    So, Jabba calls a cease fire on SA. Thank GOD! Other than the obvious, what prompted this move other than making himself the biggest sailing target ( literally ) since the JOD vs. POD scandal?
  10. Stiffler's Mom

    BVI cat charter companies

    Other than the usual 400 lb gorillas (Moorings and Susnail),are there any other reputable cat companies out there for a 38-40' ride? Lookin to take the Mrs. For a chill cruise in May. Better yet, anyone have a private owner that would charter? Totrola or St Thomas preferred, 100ton and work in...
  11. Stiffler's Mom

    Dr. Laura calling it quits?

    CNN reports she is bailing out of radio citing 1st amendment stuff? Anyone close to the camp know something? If so, when does the TP 52 arrive?
  12. Stiffler's Mom

    Vipers in Houston

    What a weekend! Check out the play by play here. Thanks to Ultra and Giggity for the Snake bar and flipping for Kattack to Lo Jack us.... Next circuit is FWBC in June. Can we get 13 boats? Linkie
  13. Stiffler's Mom

    Charleston Race Week

    Ok, Who is gonna win what class. Vipers- Bliksem guys, J80's- Darden or Klingler
  14. Stiffler's Mom

    Border Run Vs. N2E

    Looking at a West coast sailing vacation. Looks 4:1 ratio against doing N2E. Is this because of the Mexico problems?
  15. Stiffler's Mom

    LED Lights

    Look bright, pretty cool and rumored to save a shitload on volts. Price does not look too out of range too. Anyone have 1st hand experience?
  16. Stiffler's Mom

    J 80 N/A's Galveston Bay

    Darden, Klingler, Lutz, Stork, Terry Flynn, Pasquinelli, Kamins. Stacked teams.
  17. Stiffler's Mom

    Melges 32 for auction

    Saw that "Fast Forward" is up for salvage auction. May be a good project for some anarchist over the winter. Bummer it got whacked by lightning.
  18. Stiffler's Mom

    Galveston NOOD/ Ike

    Not to take away from the immediate danger but has Sailing World pulled the plug yet officially? Good luck to all Houstonians.
  19. Stiffler's Mom


    Grapevine says that Richard Branson just ponied up for Speedboat. She just got a new paint job @ Newport Shipyards. Any validity to this?
  20. Stiffler's Mom

    Bermuda tracking

    Looks loke everyone is hugging the rhumbline. Speedboat got a little NE this morning. Must be crowded out there. Anyone get a call yet?