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  1. Somebody Else

    Chance 44` ketch

    Yep. This yacht has been left to rot until the owner became senile enough that his family was able to put it on the market. This pig has had just enough lipstick smeared across its snout to hopefully appeal to potential owners who prize the number of bedrooms and bathrooms over everything else.
  2. Somebody Else

    Is this the best 'Yachting' movie ever?

    Certainly the most realistic
  3. Somebody Else

    Express 37 in-boom block & tackle

    Seriously? Backhaul? Are you sure you got an Express 37 and not some ferro-cement condo?
  4. Somebody Else

    Rudder Mystery.. what boat??

    Well... "in one place at one time" is sort of a stretch, but I have enough tape measures around the house that it's just plain silly. It's how I compensate for the CRS of old age. I'm the same way with scissors and Opinel N°08 knives -- some in every room. Trauma shears are a favorite -- they...
  5. Somebody Else

    Rigging recommendations

    Reading the original post, I visualize a 60-year-old boat something like this with original rigging and original sails. Any subtlety of technique is going to be lost on this owner. He needs to drop the rig, strip it, repair or replace a dozen or so sheaves, label all the standing rigging and...
  6. Somebody Else

    Please help identify this RBBS competitor

    Roy Batty: one of the best scripted and best acted rolls of all time! R.I.P. Rutger Hauer
  7. Somebody Else


    I assume someone lost their job over that one...
  8. Somebody Else

    Towing a sailboat without a trailer license plate

    Brilliant logic! I'm going with this! I've used this argument for monthly fees for cellular phones/tablets/hot-spots but the one-step-away-from-welfare drone at the counter just gives me that blank stare as if I've just handed them $5.10 for a $4.10 purchase... "Sir, you've given me too much..."
  9. Somebody Else

    Towing a sailboat without a trailer license plate

    No, no, Officer... his trailer is MUCH more illegal than mine. Impound Jtype's yacht!!
  10. Somebody Else

    Bob Perry is Legend

    Apocryphally attributed to Doug Peterson as advice to Ron Holland back in those early days...
  11. Somebody Else

    Towing a sailboat without a trailer license plate

    When I was younger and cockier and less respectful of just about everything, I got away with murder re: legal transportation of cars, boats, trailers, masts... you name it. I can only attribute my successful evasion of prosecution to luck and the fact that -- except for the cars, I guess -- it...
  12. Somebody Else

    Can someone help me make my lead mine actually move

    Hi. I got a boat that sails really shitty but I like the way it looks. Can you tell me how to make it less shitty without spending money?
  13. Somebody Else

    Ever wish somebody made a Snark, only have look like a 5O5?

    They are stand-off glue points where cockpit sole mates up with the inside surface of the hull.
  14. Somebody Else

    Genoa Size Matters

    As a reference... The Cal40 was designed to use a 180% genoa. They were actually not balky in light air with that rig...
  15. Somebody Else

    Pics That Get You...

    1st: What the fuck is a pushpit? Oh yeah... a modern made-up British term for stern pulpit. 2nd: The forlorn sea-sick muppet incapacitated to the point he can no longer drive his own boat? That would be the previous owner of this site. He's clenching tight to hold back the diarrhea.
  16. Somebody Else

    Pics That Get You...

    Who said anything about 'juices,' you perv!!?
  17. Somebody Else

    Pics That Get You...

    I'll have a better assessment of that photo after I break out my microscope from storage.
  18. Somebody Else

    Pics That Get You...

    I think it was the Star boat mast section. Or the team of pros required to keep the hydraulics operating and in trim.
  19. Somebody Else

    Pics That Get You...

    Reminds me of a local boat named "Off Constantly". Yeah... say that quote from Rasputin but substitute the proper noun for the indefinite pronoun...