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  1. Mike in Seattle

    Road trip, back in time

    , through the Channeled Scablands. Channeled Scablands - Wikipedia , to NE corner on the banks of the Columbia ~ 30 miles from Canukistan. Most of what is today, was formed by the Missoula Floods of ~15k years ago. The Lenore Caves were formed when the flood ripped chunks of rock out of the...
  2. Mike in Seattle

    Ahh, Bummer. Cousin Itt DTS

    'Addams Family' actor Felix Silla dead at 84 | Fox News  He also appeared in "Buck Rogers" as Twiki the robot sidekick, a hang-gliding Ewok in the 1983 "Star Wars: Episode VI -- Return of the Jedi," and the villain Livak opposite George Segal in the 1975 film -- and sequel to "The Maltese...
  3. Mike in Seattle

    MELI! , you stupid cow,,

    I took this here to get it out Hobot's thd. Meli, you really can't keep up. Purple, still kinda newb,    :angry:  Meli, you stupid cow, shut up get back in the kitchen make sammiches
  4. Mike in Seattle

    Art Bell

    :( Art Bell  Chupacabras, Grays, Mell's Hole,  Area 51, Pole Shift,
  5. Mike in Seattle

    Rattlesnake Ridge

    Developing slo-mo Oso near Yakima
  6. Mike in Seattle

    Another Malheur Takeover

    . 2600 already occupying.   :o   authorities expect as many as 20k
  7. Mike in Seattle

    Evergreen State College

    Has anyone else been following what's happening in Olympia ? Huffpo article
  8. Mike in Seattle

    Mt. St. Helens

    37 years ago
  9. Mike in Seattle

    Anarchist Amps ,, whutcha listenin' through

    I stuck a pic in the "What are you listening to (Music)" thread, , & have seen _small_ mention in the "Guitar" thread, Tube Amplifiers (the whacky Brits call them "Valves") Transistor amps came along and overshadowed tubes with more & more Power. , In the early-mid 70's someone...
  10. Mike in Seattle

    Uh Oh !

    Hey, y'all; ? remember when Germany was being overrun by Radioactive Boars ?? , well, it seems to be spreading ,, it's happening in Japan, too
  11. Mike in Seattle


    , , 'twasn't moi whut did this dastardly deed , coupla weeks ago ,, I'm thinking a day, maybe 2, before. Almost certainly kills the tree. I am trying to show restraint by not posting pics of le sheets, Bambi, ( some bigga ones) Ilk, by the...
  12. Mike in Seattle

    Happy Birthday Guitar !!

    ,, almost missed it, :) Happy Birthday, young feller.
  13. Mike in Seattle

    Heads up, phone camera warning

    I just ran across this,,
  14. Mike in Seattle

    Happy Birthday Grumpy !!

    Happy Birthday Grumps !! :)
  15. Mike in Seattle

    Leaf blower/vac suggestions

    , cuz I'm getting tired of raking. So far, I'm looking @ 2 machines (1) Husqvarna 125BVX (199.00 @ Lowes) (2) Stihl SH 86 C-E ($280 @ local hardware shop) I'm mostly interested in the vac side, so I can suck/chew/blow a coupla brazilian (oak)leaves directly into the yard waste...
  16. Mike in Seattle

    Geezers & Texting

    All the young folks are texting ( rather than communicating) these days, & they have their own language. LOL, OMG, CUL8R, ect. , so us geezers need a set of our own "words" too. · ATD: At The Doctor's · BFF: Best Friend Farted · BTW: Bring The Wheelchair · BYOT: Bring Your Own Teeth...
  17. Mike in Seattle

    Storm of the Century

    , so in LA, they call us "Snow wimps". Color Seattle clueless. The city has always marched unarmed into its infrequent battles with snow, and Wednesday's snowstorm was no exception. :unsure: , um, well, umm, :( They're right. After the "snow" part was finished, we had the "freezing rain"...
  18. Mike in Seattle


    Edit , forgot the linky
  19. Mike in Seattle

    Shhhhhh !

    Elk season opens Saturday, and I get one last chance to scout a promising looking area. Slowly working my way up a trail that I have been seeing sign on, there is a heavy overcast threatening more rain, and a gusty wind. I try a different approach, and turn up into an area that has several...
  20. Mike in Seattle

    McChord Airshow

    Toys that go "Vrooooom" ! , including B2 flyover tres cool B)