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  1. carcrash

    Running small shop vac on inverter

    I have a similar Milwaukee cordless vacuum. Very useful for getting the bilge dry. Like all non-marine stuff, the non-stainless things like the hinge pins rust and degrade over the years, but after 5 years its still OK. I don't have any paper filter on this vacuum, which is a big advantage over...
  2. carcrash

    What kind of wire are my shrouds and stays?

    Some things you should never follow the cheapest option, and that includes everything that keeps your mast standing. Broken strands anywhere on a shroud are a sign you are very lucky, and that you should have replaced your standing rigging many years ago -- its very far past end of life...
  3. carcrash

    Catalina 30 vs. Bob Perry Islander 28

    Cat 36 seems to be the most liquid asset afloat, even more so than Cat 30. Resale reduces life cycle cost. Always buy the best condition boat. There are always a few boats on the market that are perfect, where the owner could easily afford a much larger boat. Spend time to find one. Brokers are...
  4. carcrash

    SC50 Chasch Mer Auction 7/16

    Projects always cost MUCH more than you think. So the amount to pay to purchase the project must be a very small number. $1 is perhaps appropriate. Better, get the marina to pay you $1k to get it outa there today. Let’s say you wanted a boat that is perfect, like new. One might budget $200k...
  5. carcrash

    SA6 SOLD! Who in the world has that kinda change for 30yo Hobie?

    $100k for a brand new well sorted race boat would be a steal. So two thirds that much for a boat far better built and equipped than you can find new does seem a very, very good deal.
  6. carcrash

    The future of diesel inboards in an all electric future

    Meanwhile, my startup (Terraform Industries) is making machines to extract excess CO2 from the atmosphere and creating fossil-free natural gas. When we are successful (!) we will replace the feedstock of the petrochemical industry with non-fossil gas, making the entire petrochemical industry...
  7. carcrash

    The future of diesel inboards in an all electric future

    The 2nd best thing I did on my Olson 40 was replacing the Yanmar diesel with an electric motor. Absolutely no regrets. The best was adding the big sugar scoop. Not noticeably faster (probably slower as more weight), but far more fun, and fundamentally safer.
  8. carcrash

    SC50 Chasch Mer Auction 7/16

    My Olson 40 is about the same age (1983), and is entirely balsa core. There is nothing whatsoever bad about the balsa in my boat. My boat was ridden hard and put away wet for over 4 decades before I got her. We went over everything quite carefully, and found exactly three areas: (1) under an...
  9. carcrash

    Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing

    I think an electric outboard would be nicer than dragging the shaft, strut, and (folding) prop around all the time. However, Torqueedo does not use LiFePO4 but BMW i3 batteries that are cobalt based and therefore far, far too dangerous for me to use aboard. If there was an electric outboard...
  10. carcrash

    Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing

    I remain amazed that the 3GM30F diesel (27hp, 20kw) using the exact same prop, shaft, log, etc. ran exactly the same speed flat out: 6.3 knots.
  11. carcrash

    Skorpios in the Med Adriana Monk, a Westlawn alumnus, did the interior.
  12. carcrash

    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    Wad, I don't know where your doom and gloom outlook comes from, but it certainly distorts your vision of the future. Personally, I don't care about politics or most of the brainwashing media, as what they say is meaningless distractions meant to separate the listener from their money...
  13. carcrash

    Aftermarket Bowsprits

    You want the sprit to be as light as possible. That is certain. Just like you want your mast as light as possible. The reason your mast has shrouds, and is not freestanding or an A frame, is well proven to be the lightest and cheapest way to go. So do your sprit like it was done long ago, or...
  14. carcrash

    360° rotating mast sailboats

    Oops, the middle pic is the same boat but that mast cannot rotate 360 degrees. 
  15. carcrash

    360° rotating mast sailboats

    Randy invented a 360 degree rotating wing mast in the mid 80s, actually built a full size version and raced it in the Everglades challenge. The rig is also used on the 52’ Eagle catamaran. The sail can be reefed, but usually it can just be allowed to weathervane in squalls, even extreme...
  16. carcrash

    Offshore racing gear

    Ryley, try stepping overboard in all your gear, after updating your will, and have your heirs report back on your last moments under the surface.
  17. carcrash

    Offshore racing gear

    Only problem: fall overboard and you sink. That danger — sailing gear that is negatively buoyant — is unfortunately pervasive. The only non-deadly foul weather gear I have found is Stormr. It’s worse in every way, except in the two ways that will keep you from dying: thermal insulation and...
  18. carcrash

    Instruments for racing - What should I buy?

    How to make a small fortune in the marine biz: start with a large fortune.
  19. carcrash

    Switched to Electric

    I agree with all the above points. A given diesel propulsion engine connected to a prop is almost guaranteed to be far from its most efficient rpm.vs.load, and very likely never actually USES or DEVELOPS the rated power: the prop is turning far too slowly to absorb that much power, and so it...
  20. carcrash

    Switched to Electric

    The weird thing is: When installed and in use, a MUCH smaller electric motor is identically effective as a much larger diesel engine. My 10KW ElectricYacht motor, that I govern to a maximum draw of 4.5KW due to the 1C discharge limit of my battery bank, moves my boat at exactly the same speed --...