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  1. MiddayGun

    Adding thickness to a thin laminate edge

    Cheers for the suggestions. I'll avoid G10 as i'll be putting gelcoat on it afterwards. Looks like CSM is the way to go.
  2. MiddayGun

    Adding thickness to a thin laminate edge

    It doesn't sit in a groove, but on a ledge, so actually a thicker edge will help there as well. Right now with the engine ticking over it vibrates like hell & I have to shove a sponge under it! I tried a gasket, but the edge being thin, it cut through it within a few weeks. I guess I could use...
  3. MiddayGun

    Adding thickness to a thin laminate edge

    The cover that goes across the aft end of my cockpit is getting some TLC this winter. New non skid on the top and some fresh gelcoat for the sides & edges. But the edges are really thin, they've already split and cracked in a few places, and I'd like to add some more material to stiffen the...
  4. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    What a shit show. The Conservatives might have been known as a set of cunts when it came to most things, but the one thing they at least had a good reputation for was fiscal responsibility. That myth has been well & truly blown away. Why the fuck, just for once, can't we get someone...
  5. MiddayGun

    Starlink Anarchy

    They do offer a maritime package & someone on a facebook group posted the price. Off the top of my head, I think the subscription was $5000 a month, with $10k hardware costs. Too expensive for your average cruiser, but pocket change to a millionaire who wants good internet on board his...
  6. MiddayGun

    Anyone using the PCNautic autopilot?

    Isn't that just a rebranded Pelagic? The actuator is the same at least.
  7. MiddayGun

    Top sides paint - waterways or no

    They look nice, and can make keeping a wet edge on the paint easier, but you don't need them. Plenty of people don't bother.
  8. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Starmer is dull, and not very inspiring. But worse than Rish and Truss? Nah I don't think so. He might be boring, but he is at least principled and for the most part honest, even if you don't agree with those principles, the way that Truss and Rishi talk about the last government, you'd never...
  9. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Both are pathetically unqualified, unsuited and out of touch. It's a poison chalice now anyway, anyone competent would run a mile. If you really support Truss, then she's just a lesser degree of loser. It is kind of ironic that Conservatives spent almost a decade blaming 'the mess left by...
  10. MiddayGun

    J/111 window leak

    You can do a neater job than the previous owner did as well, so win win.
  11. MiddayGun

    Multi-line reefing - Can you do two reefs with three lines

    Same here. I get the attraction of a two line system, no trip to the mast & less friction than single line, but I'd rather make the trip to the mast and have less string in the cockpit. There's already enough without adding another 2-3 lines.
  12. MiddayGun

    Gelcoat – eroded bow chine gelcoat re-coat – small cat

    If launching off the beach I would personally stick with gelcoat. It's cheap and easily repaired, would be surprised if the 2 pack is as hard wearing.
  13. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Part of the issue Wayne is that a lot of the shit that we're having to deal with, we were assured would not happen. Because I'll bet that if the chief proponents of Brexit were honest about this kind of thing it would have probably swung the vote. You can say get on with it all you like, but...
  14. MiddayGun

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Fuck me Wayne you really are an absolute knob at times. First off it wasn't down to Brexit, then you move onto daft ideas like people should book for a Weekday instead of a weekend (I'm sure people would if it was an option or they just didn't work or are retired), then its 'take a staycation'...
  15. MiddayGun

    What products are available to install on a lifeline so no crew has to "skirt" the jib?

    Those wheels. You need a few of them in the right place, if they're what you already have then maybe look at more & play with the positions, they do work. But if you're tacking well, you shouldn't need them.
  16. MiddayGun

    The future of diesel inboards in an all electric future

    Again invoking the 'Royal We'. If I proposed the question the 'right way' I could probably get most of them to admit that you're an arse. Most of those same 8 billion people will use resources in some way that is not essential for their survival. Have you ever taken a flight in your life...
  17. MiddayGun

    Chartplotter Question

    Very happy with my B&G Vulcan. No issues in 5 years other than that in bright sunlight the screen can get really hot. Changing charts is as easy as an SD Card. Not sure what your Raymarine setup is (or how old), but you'll need some sort N2K / Seatalk gateway to make the plotter integrate...
  18. MiddayGun

    Farr X2

    Is that really a positive? A yard that takes the specification into their own hands doesn't really seem like a positive to me, even if they do it with the best intentions. Just beefing up one area without consideration of how that will affect the area around it doesn't sound like the greatest...
  19. MiddayGun

    Painted on non-skid longevity: 1-part KiwiGrip vs. 2-part urethane with crushed walnut shells

    I quite like the effect Solosailor got with that soft sand, sadly I can't find a supplier in Europe. & all the rubber particles sold here are intended for kids playgrounds so the particles are way too big. I did make an experiment with some 2 part paint and griptex that came out quite well. Its...
  20. MiddayGun

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    I'm not entirely sure. I did an area with gelcoat mixed with particles & its held up reasonably well, at first it was too glossy and slippy, but over time it's improved. How manufacturers do whole decks that come out nice & grippy with minimal shine, I don't know.