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  1. DryArmour

    Ian just exploded.

    At the risk of sounding like the Weather Channel, 'Ian just exploded". Quick update on hurricane Ian. The storm went through a very rapid intensification the last six hours. The NE shear as forecast has abated and the core has a solid wrap of very cold cloud tops and intense convection almost...
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    It's been a couple of years, but it is back.

    Yup- Blatant promo for swag. Move along if this isn't for you. Five tech shirts for under $50. If you know, you know. Five shirts of any one size...under $50. Everyone loves a good tech shirt but let's face it, they can be pricey. Over the last couple of years we have ended up with overprints...
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    To Hurricane or not to Hurricane 2022...

    I have been doing severe storm forecasting for almost 30 years. I specialize in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico Tropical Storms/Hurricanes. My job load in 2022 has been historically light. Three Tropical Systems have formed in the Atlantic basin so far this hurricane season. None...
  4. DryArmour

    Drunk Sailors? Pac Cup 2022...

    Pacific Cup 2022-What a mess... For those of you wondering why there is such a wide variety of boat tracks in the 2022 Pac Cup, the map below may give you some sense of just what the racers starting on days 1 & 2 have been dealing with. A low-pressure system (Which is fairly unusual this time...
  5. DryArmour

    Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week Weather

    I was once again asked for the weather forecast for Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week and it looks to be coming in spot on. Winds in the harbor are already 13 knots G 17 and building. Winds in the East Harbor where much of the racing takes place are 11 knots G13. My forecast for today...
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    Oh just go do it...

    The J24 Nationals are coming up shortly and you owe it to yourself to be there if you can be. The cold fronts of late Spring are likely to provide some lovely wind for this regatta. Learn more about it here: J24 2022 NATIONALS
  7. DryArmour

    N2E Wx 2022- It is picking up out there...

    Picking up in the SoCal coastal waters ahead of today's N2E race. Keep in mind that SB Island is typically the windiest spot in the district when winds are west or NW.    Santa Barbara Island just now: SBIC133.49/-119.03 @ 360ft. Name: SANTA BARBARA ISL Provider: RAWS Valid: 22 Apr...
  8. DryArmour

    Sailing in Barcelona in October?

    I was asked recently if Barcelona is a good choice for "sailing" in October. Not knowing the answer off the top of my head, I did some research. As long as 7-8.5 knots is your idea of "fun sailing" then yes, the conditions are fairly nice in October. Partly cloudy skies are mostly the rule and...
  9. DryArmour

    Charleston Race Week- 5'2, 120lbs trimmer and pit available.

    Do you need crew for 2022 Charleston Race week? 5'2. 120lbs. Experienced with trimming and pit. Can do pointy end on J70. She will be in Charleston on her own dime that week. Obviously, this is not me. Drop me a note to connect with her.  ([email protected])
  10. DryArmour

    Stolen boat in Newport Beach this morning. Doesn't end well. (Thursday, March 10, 2022)

    Think you are having a rough morning. Stolen powerboat this morning in Newport Beach.
  11. DryArmour

    PV Race- 2022 Edition.

    The weather for this year's PV race is looking entirely average with the winners being determined by decisions made between Cabo and PV. Reasonable winds greet the boats from just off Rosarito Beach and continue 4/5 of the way down the hill to Cabo. Not a ton of jibing for the Saturday starters...
  12. DryArmour

    You might want to move aft...

    You might want to move to the back of the vessel. Germany today:
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    The J22 Midwinter Championships are right around the corner. We have partnered with the class to offer an event shirt with a twist. Get the shirts for your crew and we'll add your team logo to the right chest for just $5. (Five shirt minimum). 
  14. DryArmour

    From the mythical front page...HURRY UP!

    As we close out 2021 this week, many of our suppliers have let us know that the new prices will go into effect on January 1, 2022. Order this week and you will get your gear at significantly lower costs.  Click here for more information or call TOLL FREE (888) 379-7447 ext 2...
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    J70 Winter Series at DIYC is sold out. Here's why...

    This is really what going to regattas is all about. The smiles tell the story. Great friends and family memories will be made on the water and with après sailing activities. TEAM SABOTAGE. J70 Winter Series at Davis Island Yacht Club. Nice team shirts too.
  16. DryArmour

    It's over...

    When the clock struck midnight last night it closed out the month of November, 2021. It also closed out the 2021 Hurricane season which came to a close with more of a whimper than a bang. The prognosticators did a pretty good job of guessing how many named storm there would be (21) and how many...
  17. DryArmour

    J/70 Winter Series and Midwinter Championship at DIYC

    J/70 Winter Series and Midwinter Championship at DIYC Who is in? 
  18. DryArmour

    NOLA and Hurricane Ida- Are you a gambling man?

    When hurricane Katrina was forming in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2005 I wrote a story about the possible consequences of the storm for the New Orleans, Mobile Bay area. As the storm closed in and the situation grew more tenuous. Hurricane Katrina landed just west of NOLA on the morning of August...
  19. DryArmour

    TransPac 2021

    Day one start for the TransPac 2021. The Catalina eddy proved challenging for many of the boats that started to 2250 mile trip across the pond. This is with the 4 hour tracker delay.
  20. DryArmour

    Who does the best job while being affordable for interior cushions SoCal?

    Who does the best job while being affordable for interior cushions SoCal? Asking for a friend.