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  1. floating dutchman

    Beirut without power

    Well that's gotta suck. Guess when you run outta money the fuel supply stops also. Any closet preppers got any suggestions?
  2. floating dutchman

    Well Happy New Year Folk's

    Well.  The new year has started. Overcast, a sign of prosperity. moister in the air promotes growth. My family has decided to start the new year by going to be early, leaving me in peace to enjoy the year out with a beer. Life is good! Happy New Year all and best wishes to all who frequent...
  3. floating dutchman

    Shopping loyalty fuckwitery

    So I'm fucken over it, I go shopping and I don't have a certain "fucken card for YOUR shop in my wallet, so now I have to pay a higher price for the same product.  Get fucked! Few years back I tried to buy Pizza's from some local outlets online, got frustrated at just how hard it was with...
  4. floating dutchman

    10 monkeys in gas chamber

    Seriously, How else could you dig the hole any deeper.. Disgusting.  seems that the German Labour Front that founded VW still has some influence. 
  5. floating dutchman

    Wake Turbulence

    The Bombardier Challenger 604, carrying nine passengers, flipped up to five times and plummeted 3000 metres before the pilot could regain control.
  6. floating dutchman

    Worst ad jingle ever?

    Watching TV last night I saw this: Yea, next time I take the kids to McD's, I'll end up wondering if I'll leave with both ears attached. That'll put me off my food for sure. How could marketing people get this so wrong?
  7. floating dutchman

    Tablet / Laptop battery usage while shut down.

    My cheapo laptop come tablet (if you remove the keypad bit) has developed a new habit. Using it seems fine, It's a bit over a year old and the battery life seems normal while using it. But, overnight, literally it has started using up the battery while turned off. I've tried turning off the...
  8. floating dutchman

    The Eye

    34°15'07.8"S, 58°49'47.4"W They can afford a plane to fly overhead, but have to walk in, maybe because nobody thought of using a helicopter. They can afford a film crew to make a movie but can't afford to hire a diver to go have a look. This has my bullshit meter in the red. But why would...
  9. floating dutchman

    Magic coffee table

    Same thing happens at my house! Who else has a coffee table like this?
  10. floating dutchman

    Home built cloud

    While reading the "jumping over to a mac" thread I came across this post: And got thinking that I can home build a cloud. Well I feeling rather proud of myself because I actually managed to plug my 2 T portable hard drive into my wireless router, and access from both desktops and one laptop...
  11. floating dutchman

    Families of girls switched at birth get multi million-dollar payout Discuss
  12. floating dutchman

    The owner of this boat will not be happy.
  13. floating dutchman

    An amicable ending to Whaling win / win
  14. floating dutchman


    Fucken useless shit. Set it up on my tablet, took all of 30 seconds. Set it up on my computer, after 5 goes will not accept the password. over an hour of trying I give up. I can log onto the tablet user with the computer no worries, but frankly I'm over it, I work away from home and I want to...
  15. floating dutchman

    Boat pricing in different places of the world

    As I'm selling my boat and after watching Ajax buy a boat that would have gone for good money here in NZ (like north of twenty, maybe in the thirty’s) and paid 5 ish (sorry Ajax, don't remember the number). and seeing an over priced boat "mocked" in another thread when a lesser, similar boat is...
  16. floating dutchman

    The Prop fell off! So, does that mean that cardboard derivatives are allowed on boats again? FD
  17. floating dutchman

    1st world internet

    If you don't know who Kim Dotcom is, Google it!
  18. floating dutchman

    Take a mate flying.

    "sounds like a chicken running from a leaf-blower" That’ll teach to mess with the pilots Face book page, story
  19. floating dutchman

    Hole in Trampoline

    Is this a problem? Want to buy it from trade-me but I don't know if this is a problem, Size of a 5c piece. Thanks.
  20. floating dutchman

    expansion rate of water?

    So, I've go an older house with a header tank type hot water cylinder. Power company can turn off the supply to the cylinder during peak power usage times, standard set-up for older houses in NZ. An hour ago I had a shower and the water was quite cold, after the shower I check the meter box...