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  1. L Z

    KWRW is on, baby!

    Some boats and classes got dual scored NOT to make the regatta "appear larger" but because they asked to be dual scored and the event provided them with that.
  2. L Z

    what is it?

    Recyclable... Now.
  3. L Z

    Rolex Big Joke Series

    You make it sound like this is the first time I said anything like this to you, Scot or SA. Been saying it for years. And although you have supported my work, as much as I supported yours when you wanted to get in this business, you're out of your mind to think SA got me 75% of my clients...
  4. L Z

    Rolex Big Joke Series

    + 1000s ! SA is doing little, actually absolutely nothing, to grow, help or support the sport whatsoever. Quite the opposite. Pitiful for a site related to the sport which would be much better without it at this point.
  5. L Z

    Bayview-Mac Docking Assignments

    Right on.
  6. L Z

    Bayview-Mac Docking Assignments

    Why is it that there ought to be an ulterior motive for everything some one else does? Next time, you make the dock arrangements.
  7. L Z

    2014 Etchells Worlds

    You can find results in Yacht Scoring, right here:
  8. L Z

    Will a Volvo 65 ever beat the 24 hours speed monohull record?

    Will a Volvo 65 ever beat the 24 hours speed monohull record? Yes.
  9. L Z

    Who's coming to the US Sailing Leadership forum?

    I'll be there - actually on the way there. Paying my own way 100%. Wasn't offered and didn't ask for help. Will try to offer some help if I can. If you have an issue with how it is run, which has been the majority of the case here on SA, step up and help. Throwing crap from the outside...
  10. L Z

    Snow Chains

    Back in the early '90s I used to work for a company where we had the license to sell a sort of tire chair called "Yeti Snow Net" which was a very interesting product and worked pretty well. It was a "tire net" made out of rubber that wrapped the tires so it was quiet to ride and didn't damage...
  11. L Z

    Cost of Regattas

    Brass, You're preaching to the choir. BTW, every event I have ever been a part of and worked with does pretty much everything you outlined below. There is no such thing as a "Regatta Management Corporation or Inc." that is hired to run it for them. There are no Clubs that I know of that would...
  12. L Z

    Cost of Regattas

    Not exactly. But what is it happening though and I see this at various places is that the volunteers are getting "tired" after so many years of giving their time - and many, a lot of their own $ to support the event. The younger generation isn't quite stepping up to the plate to do Race...
  13. L Z

    Cost of Regattas

    Wow... it always amazes me that everyone thinks that running regattas is a cheap proposition and that everyone (or the Clubs) is making any money on it, lining their pockets, filling their coffers. Nothing is further from the truth. Yes, I've run a few a few regattas and have been involved in...
  14. L Z

    Hong Kong to Vietnam Yacht race 2013

    That along with the fact "that has just undergone a full refit (including sails, hydraulics, electrics, added daggerboards and a removal of the forward rudder) less than two months ahead of the Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam Race." Most likely not really quite the same boat after all the mods.
  15. L Z

    Meet Gary Jobson In Seattle - Youth Sailing Fundraiser

    With all respect Dawg, He's done more for sailing than you, me and most here will ever do. Like him or not. Not to mention L&LS. Had he not, you wouldn't know who he is.
  16. L Z

    Another SA sad AC Article

    Find your NBC Sport Network - not the regular NBC channel. ETNZ won the first race which was awesome and right down to the last mark! They are currently in postponement for the second race..
  17. L Z

    Another SA sad AC Article

    Another phenomenal AC sailing and media article on the Front Page - in case you happened to stop by to see it. I'm at a loss for words to describe how disgusted and sick I am with all the latest articles being posted. If it is not absolutely perfect to SA's liking, it is trash. And let's...
  18. L Z


    58 boats last year. Go sign up... IHYC Gearbuster registration is open at Get your entry in and make it more entries than last year. Everyone would be happy and sailing instead of sitting on this forum and just talking about it :-) Cheers
  19. L Z

    ETNZ vs. Oracle: Races 5 and 6.

    Almost didn't even mind the NBC Commercial break.... That was ugly to watch!!!