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    Best app to mirror laptop to android tablet

    I know I have seen this discussed extensively in the past, but either the search function is crap or I am a technical luddite (or both). What do you suggest? Can it be done by bluetooth, or do I need to use the wifi?
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    Bunk cover material

    I need to replace the bunk and cushion covers on a racer cruiser. Any suggestions on a material (other than vinyl or leather), which is waterproof so that the foam doesn't absorb water from crew in wet weather gear, sails etc. Preferably want something comfortable for cruising, deliveries etc. 
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    Polyester bog underwater

    Against my better instincts I bought a 5knt shitter for restoration. After taking off 20 layers of antifoul I found large chunks of gelcoat had come off under the waterline. What do you think if I fill with polyester bog and paint with epoxy will this hold up if I put back on a mooring?
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    4G options for east coast racing

    Looking to add a better 4G set up. currently just a portable Telstra 4G modem with high gain antenna. Any recommendations? Anyone use Glomex Webboat 4G. only issue I can see is doesn't work at 700Mhz which may be an issue in some places
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    Binocular Anarchy

    I have a nice view up our particular piece of sailing heaven and am thinking of getting a large set of tripod mounted binoculars. I see various brands of 25 x 100 available. Anyone got experience with these and can recommend any brands. looking at viewing distance from 1 to 5+ miles. 
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    Satelitte Broadband

    Thinking of upgrading from the handheld to broadband for AUS east coast racing this season. . Iridium pilot and Inmarsat Sailor Fleet one (cheapest option), look like they will do the job. Anyone got any recommendations?
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    Adhesive removal

    The time has come to remove the EVA foam from our cockpit. Anyone got any suggestions on the best way to get the residual adhesive off? Its the 3M backing which comes on the EVA sheets. I have heard that there are flapper wheels/discs that take it off without damaging the gel coat? 
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    Sailing around the world in a barbed wire canoe

    If you're going to do it, do it properly. None of this half assed 4 knt craigslist shit.
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    Pittwater to Coffs

    Multihull division confirmed for P2C. Cat 3 race and great destination, if not the best there is. Would be a real pity not to get a strong multi fleet at a strong multi club. 
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    B&G 20/20 lighting

    I am sure that I am missing something very simple here, but can someone tell me how to turn on the night lighting on the HV displays via a graphic display? neither holding down the power/menu button which seems to just change the graphic displays no matter which group is selected, or selecting...
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    GPS question

    So when in the berth, my SOG is consistently 0.2kn to the north. Anyone know how this can happen? I thought the way GPS data was averaged would make this impossible. Surely you cant manually celebrate?
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    Pedestal parts

    I'm looking to convert to pedestal to drive the primaries on a 40 footer. Anyone know of any parts lieing around I might be able to get my hands on. Winches, gearbox, buttons, pedestal, shafts etc. have found a few parts so far, but keen to see what is out there.
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    Lowering the bar

    Ronning then reaches down, unstraps a buckle, pulls his carbon-fiber prosthetic leg off, and slams it on the table in front of god and everyone, shouting “Is this disabled enough for you?” A differing account says Neckelmann asked why he wasn’t allowed to have the same bar installed on his...
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    Pittwater to Southport 2017

    With a real ocean race as an alternative, heading in the right direction (left) will any be tempted away from S2H? 370nm at the right time of the year. Start 2 January Sail Paradise regatta 8 Jan.
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    A Class AGM

    I think the high cost of A class cats was raised in the AGM minutes at least 4 times. With the rule 8 fracas settled down cost appears the current big issue. There is no record or any discussion as to what can be done about this, if anything. I have to admit I balk at the cost of a new A...
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    GRIB files AUS east coast

    Can anyone suggest a source of free GRIB weather files that can be downloaded. Or should I stop being a tight ass and renew my subscription to Predict wind?
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    Fusion LiPo batteries

    Anyone familiar with these? Website blurb say they have internal discharge and overcharge protection. Does anyone know what voltage the protection cuts in at and whether you would rely on it, to protect the batteries? I've sent a few emails to Fusion with no response.
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    Fast 40+ RORC Easter Regatta

    With 10+ boats touted, keen to see how this pans out, particularity want to see whether the turbo'd Ker 40's can sail to their ratings. Whatever, sounds like a lot of fun.
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    Invasion Texas

    I was thinking that it was strange that there were no reports here on the military takeover of Texas that is all over the Aus news. But clearly I wasn't thinking right. Since it is obvious that SA members have the biggest gun collections out side of Charlton Heston's fort, Texan SA members would...
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    Viper 640 open day RPAYC Pittwater

    Viper open day at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club Pittwater, Sydney. Come along meet the fleet and go for a sail. PM me for further information.