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  1. ctutmark

    Power- Sail collision in Seattle, very sad

    Very sad news.
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    Scow Mini v.2

    From Davy Beaudart's FB Page-ak-prn2/t1.0-9/10367818_702898526416067_577149459735300102_n.jpg
  3. ctutmark

    Pogo 3

    Just saw a slightly cryptic post on the Structures Facebook page alluding to a Pogo3. Anyone know anything more?
  4. ctutmark

    2013 & 2015 MT

    Douarnenez to Pointe-à-Pitre with a stop in the Canary Islands
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    2012 mini schedule

    2012 races calendar, first look First look at the 2012 official and qualificative races. Atlantique : April 14-15 : Demi-Clé 6,50 (C-around 150nm double) April 21-25 : Pornichet Select 6,50 (C-300 nm solo) May 6 – 8 : race between La Trinité sur Mer (France) and Plymouth (UK) (C-250 nm...
  6. ctutmark

    2012 Rules

    Anyone have any news on rule changes for 2012? On my list would be: Allow dyneema runners for Series boats. Saves chafe on the main Dyneema lifelines for Series. They are already allowed on Protos Maybe go back to film mains for Series boats. What else??
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    Petit Route du Rhum
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    Anyone heard anything more on this:
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    Tele-Blue Protest E3