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  1. Tacoma Mud Flats

    Ted Turner and the Cal 40

    Blast from the past... THE MEANEST VAMP AT SEA By HUGH WHALL It was almost as if someone fresh off a motor scooter had dropped in on his friendly neighborhood Buick dealer, bought a car off the showroom floor and then proceeded to win a driving championship from the best drivers and the...
  2. Tacoma Mud Flats

    How much does it cost to haul, put on the hard and cocoon a boat in cold US climates?

    A hail from the Caribbean-like warm waters of Puget Sound (Ha!). Here boats stay in the water until the three-year bottom coat effectiveness times out or when refloated after they just eventually sink. There are boats in my marina that have been floating (and on zombie auto-pay I assume) for...
  3. Tacoma Mud Flats

    Buy a drink for the US Coast Guard

    Another day, another Coast Guard rescue.  50-knot winds, 5-foot waves, 41 degree seas. Video embedded in: This boat doesn't have sails, but it still could be you or I in a similar situation, sometime in the future...
  4. Tacoma Mud Flats

    Hoisted by His Own Petard Department

    "Er, is that set to feet or fathoms?!" FYI - it's shallow in North Smith Cove, between the Pier 91 cruise ship dock and "N" dock of Elliot Bay Marina. Certainly, a lovely stable-pedestal to view a rare clear January Seattle sunset on Mt. Rainier, across Elliot Bay. Was a -0.56' tide...
  5. Tacoma Mud Flats

    Saildrones to War

    While others have been droning on about their commercial application use, saildrones have now gone to war, with the first saildrone navel base created in the Red Sea as a joint U.S. Navy / Royal Jordanian Navy base of ops. The Saildrone Explorer is a 23-foot-long, 16-foot-tall USV reliant on...