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  1. sailhmb

    P/S mark room question

    When rounding a downwind mark on port when do my room rights turn off such that a starboard tack boat that has already rounded has row? A. When I exit 3 boat length circle B. When my stern crosses the mark at 6 o'clock  C. When I can tack to Starboard and not hit the mark.
  2. sailhmb

    Adding weight

    To make minimum class weight I will need to add weight.  Where is the best location; bottom of the keel or center of mass?
  3. sailhmb

    Can you fix "singing foils"?

    My daggerboard starts singing at ~8kts then changes pitch at 11kts.  I noticed that the AC boats sing too.  With the amount of resources they devote to increase speed is it: A - not possible to stop, B - does not affect speed?
  4. sailhmb

    Impluse 21 parts

    We are refurbishing an Impluse 21.  We need to replace the jib track and the main traveler.  Any part sources out there?
  5. sailhmb

    Linked mainsheet-outhaul examples

    If have seen a setup of a 29er with the main downhaul and outhaul connected together so that both eased together.  Any examples out there of a dinghy main outhaul linked to the mainsheet tension?
  6. sailhmb

    Comment on adjustment scale for an open turnbuckle

    This is a simple addition to your open turnbuckle to replace measuring the distance between the stud ends and trying to remember how many turns you have made.  We have been sailing it for a season and they have been holding up OK on my VX One.   The scale is snapped into the turnbuckle body and...
  7. sailhmb

    South East Asia sail loft in Thailand

    I'm doing some due diligence. Are these guys ok to work with for club sails?
  8. sailhmb

    Batten stiffness advice

    I have a North and Quantum main for my VX1.  Neither mfg has any guidance on batten shape/stiffness for the top 3 full length f/g tapered battens.  The lowest batten seems to respond well to tensioning. However the top two which are much shorter, one full and one diagonal, seem too stiff.  I...
  9. sailhmb

    Cableless code 0 design

    Random thought for a small sport boat sail - Can a cableless Code 0 sail design be retrieved like an asym kite or is it only furled?
  10. sailhmb

    Mark storage

    Any thoughts out there on the best way to store inflatable marks. Leave inflated, deflate and hang, deflate and fold, other? Thanks for your reply.
  11. sailhmb

    PHRF Exclusion practice

    Besides PHRFNC in northern California are there any other US PHRF bodies that will not rate a light sportboat?  This is not a knock on the local body.  I'm just wondering how common is this practice.
  12. sailhmb

    What's the most popular 2 person raced dinghy in US?

    If a club wanted to start a club fleet of 2 person dinghies, which has lots of used boats available and no trapeze.  What would you choose? Thank you for your thoughts.
  13. sailhmb

    Prestart ROW question

    I have been puzzling ROW for various forms of this scenario.  Competitors In a large OD fleet are reaching quickly on P and S behind a square line at 2 mins.  As boats begin taking places on the line,  a P reaching boat below the first or second row of boats snap a tack onto S to move toward a...
  14. sailhmb

    Iron keel sacrificial anode

    Will a zinc anode inhibit an iron keel from forming rust spots?
  15. sailhmb

    SASB day at Richmond YC attracts new sailors

    Sail a Small Boat Day is this Saturday, March 4, at Richmond YC in Northern California. This model has been very successful bringing in about ~ 150-250 members of the public to the one day event. I took my son to it 20 years ago. I think it has been ongoing for 50 years. I brought my VX 1 to...
  16. sailhmb

    18 footer - does size matter?

    Does anyone know in general what the difference in sail plans are for the Aussie 18s? I watch the races every week (go Yandoo!) and see that they have different size rigs depending on wind strength. I cannot find any dimensional references for the #1, #2, #3 rigs.
  17. sailhmb

    Smaller sails for lighter class boats

    Your opinion is requested on this question; if you intend sail light by 6% of total displacement, two crew instead of three on a sport boat which planes, should you use a slightly smaller and/or flatter set of working sails than the 3 crew boats for higher wind races. A smaller sail is not...
  18. sailhmb

    waxing your pole

    Any advice on best practice to lube a sliding carbon asym pole. I tried Mclube and or wax. Seems to rub off too quickly.
  19. sailhmb

    High Sierra Regatta view cabin available

    I booked a room for the 7/15-16 HS regatta at Huntington Lake Resort but can't go and I will not get my money refunded unless someone else books the room. So if your significant other would like a nice cabin instead of camping. -->
  20. sailhmb

    Declining Bottom Paint Performance

    The Half Moon Bay YC (Calif) has a fleet of 6 Cal 20s that were converted over to water based bottom paints 5 years ago. This was part of a YC program to stay current with California's drive to reduce the use of Cu based paints and make the bottom prep safer. The first year we tried different...