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  1. doghouse

    Mustang Aftercare/Warranty

    Has anyone had to warranty any of the newer Mustang foul weather gear? Since Musto has gone to shit, they seem like an attractive alternative if their support is in the ballpark.
  2. doghouse

    Shaggybevo Sued out of Existence

    By some dickhole.
  3. doghouse


    Going to be epic. Spectre and Blofeld back.
  4. doghouse

    Florida Strikes Again
  5. doghouse

    Ultimate Warrior DTS
  6. doghouse

    Odorus Urungus - DTS
  7. doghouse

    Harold Ramis DTS,0,2259309.story
  8. doghouse

    Surf's Up I need to starting planning my surf trips around the Vogue photo shoots apparently.
  9. doghouse

    Quail Hunting

    Any southern fellas got any recommendations on quail hunting spots? I need to escape freezing ass duck season at some point and shoot some upland birds.
  10. doghouse

    College Football 2014

    Way too early rankings.
  11. doghouse

    Tom Clancy Didn't see that coming.
  12. doghouse

    2013 Kentucky Derby

    Who's your favorite? How much you betting? Not a julep guy actually, but may whip up an Old Fashioned.
  13. doghouse

    2013 NFL Draft

    As of pick 100, 1/3 of the draftees have been from the SEC. Discuss.
  14. doghouse

    George Jones DTS Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  15. doghouse

    College Football 2013

    So the U scored Cristobal.
  16. doghouse

    Die Hipster dot com
  17. doghouse

    Dave Brubeck
  18. doghouse

    KC Chiefs player shoots girlfriend then kills self Rumors on twitter are that it's Jovan Belcher, but I have no idea if that's accurate
  19. doghouse

    Cat comes in third in Va. Senate race I totally would have voted for him if i knew he was running.
  20. doghouse


    Need a letter of intro to get into bar or can I just tell them my yacht club affilitation, or do they not care at all?