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  1. SemiSalt

    Windex & Davis

    I need to replace my masthead wind vane. I'm confused by what I see in the market. "Windex" is the name known to me, but most sellers are featuring the Davis WindTrak 15. Some call it the Davis Windex 15. Is there a difference? Has Davis purchased the Windex business?
  2. SemiSalt

    How good is a bad VPP?

    This post is a continuation of a sidebar in the Alberg 30 thead.  The background: I followed up on an idea from Olin Stephens to write a VPP using "brochure data" that a yachtsman could use to evaluate a boat without a "real" VPP. (There other threads about this in SA's forum archives.)The...
  3. SemiSalt

    Connecticut Turnpike Traffic Alert for weekends of June 1 and June 8!

    The CT Tpke has been the target of hash words in the past here on SA. It's terrible at rush hour most anywhere west of New Haven, and can be jammed up anywhere at any time. However, the next two weekends it's going to be especially bad around Stamford. From the Stamford website: I-95 traffic...
  4. SemiSalt

    Catalina 25 rigging question

    The Catalina 25 has two halyards. One cleats near the cabin top on the starboard side and the other opposite it on the port side. A winch is mounted on the mast above the cleat on the port side. I have two friends who own Catalina 25s. One boat is set up with the main halyard cleating on port...
  5. SemiSalt

    12-meter rig dimensions

    Does anyone have a source for typical  I,J,P,E dimensions of a 12-meter?  I want a "typical" 12 for a math modeling project. The published specs are pretty consistent with sail areas of 164-167 sq meters, or the equivalent in sq ft. However, when I tried to back into the IJPE, I get P=85 feet...
  6. SemiSalt

    Oil Filter

    What brand is my oil filter?
  7. SemiSalt

    Wing Keel Theory: problem solved, or not?

    Over the winter, my boat was stored in a section that seemed to be reserved for wing keel boats. There were mostly Catalinas and Hunters. There could have been a Beneteau in the mix. Most of the keels looked basically like this (details varied): In the past there have been plenty of other...
  8. SemiSalt

    GPS App for Android

    What's the best GPS app for Android? I need to steer the RC boat to a particular Lat/Long to drop the starting mark and don't want to drag my boat's chartplotter along.
  9. SemiSalt

    Stamford-Denmark Friendship Race

    We heard there was a dismasting. Who, what, when, why, where?
  10. SemiSalt

    jib sheets

    I've decided to replace the jib sheets on my Hunter 28. I'm not looking for a high-tech line and best racing performance. I'm looking for garden variety line and good cruising performance. The Hunter spec calls for 7/16" low stretch Dacron. A lot of my sailing is in light air when issues of...
  11. SemiSalt

    60 yellow balls

    I was out for a sail today, and on the way in we passed about 60 yellow balls off Stamford. They're east of Shippan, more or less off Westcott Cove. They are about the size of soccer balls, and individually anchored. They have black writing on them, presumably identification. Looks to me like...
  12. SemiSalt

    Pardon my French (or lack thereof)

    See: My high school French teacher, Miss Hosmer, would be so sad. I really can't make this out, except that it's apparently a discussion of keels and/or other sailboat features. What's the message?
  13. SemiSalt

    Who is your local designer?

    The quote is from Bob on the Dave's Perfect Boat thread. It got me wondering about which designers would get invited the party. I love Bob's boats, but he is on the other side of the continent from me, and that would cut down on the face-to-face interaction. Someone a little closer might make...
  14. SemiSalt

    NA in CT

    The Vox web site has an item about the most distinctive college major in each state, whatever that means. I was interested that for Connecticut (and Maine) its Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. This odd since there isn't a school of Naval Architecture in the state that I'm aware of...
  15. SemiSalt

    How to get under a bridge? Tilt!

    Dutch ingenuity.
  16. SemiSalt

    How cold is cold?

    A question for those with boats without heaters: How cold is cold when it comes to cruising? What overnight low temperature is your limit for cruising in acceptable comfort? I've never pushed it myself. For me, the number is below 50F (10C), but I'm not sure how far below.
  17. SemiSalt

    Design Compare by Number

    Back in 1983, Jay Benford published a book titled Cruising Yachts. It includes a chapter on his sailing dory designs. There are a number of sizes and rigs. Being a small boat sailor at heart, I was most interested in the smallest which is a 30-footer. Something that caught my eye was the...
  18. SemiSalt

    Free wind apps

    There are a few free wind prediction apps, e.g. PredictWind, WindAlert, SailFlow. I looked them over on Saturday and Sunday before the Stamford-Denmark race. The consensus was wind from NNW to NNE at 10-17Kts all day. In the event, the wind died beginning about 10:15, and was southerly at just...
  19. SemiSalt

    Starboard tack, port tack, 3BL circle, oh my!

    Last week, I was involved in a port/starboard mark rounding, and I realized I don't know how the rules apply. Neither did the other guy; he's even older and more out of touch than me. So I read the rule, and that's good, but I could use a little discussion of the various permutations. Is there...
  20. SemiSalt

    Regional Boat Type Anarchy

    Recently, someone took interest in a picture of an East Coast (Chesapeake or Carolina) powerboat. I thought I had a picture of something similar, but when I found, it wasn't that similar. But I did think there might be some interest in a thread about what boats were like when boats weren't all...