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  1. douglas

    alan thicke dts
  2. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    friday nite the grand tour debuts. much anticipated. and just for fun, here is trailer #2. why show #2? trailer #1 doesn't have clarkson racing a trimaran on a jet ski.
  3. douglas

    more passing than a real F1 race!

  4. douglas

    blue boat being hauled into Vancouver

    On my way out to work early this morning there was a blue hulled boat being hauled westbound on highway 1. Looked like a mini 6.5. had bow numbers which I missed. 5 something. Any details?
  5. douglas

    Clarkson has a yacht! and he's used it for good!

    then he went to the pub
  6. douglas

    hydraulic press channel -- youtube

    this guy crushes stuff with a 100 ton press. and has views better than all the sailing around the world fluff
  7. douglas

    yachting reality tv

    i stumbled upon a nautical reality show called below deck, and its spin off, below deck mediterranean. pretty cheesy with what may be unscripted, but still contrived plot lines. was this show the result of a few of those one post wonders that came here asking for casting for water based reality...
  8. douglas

    new star trek chekov killed by his own car. dts

    anton yelchin, who played chekov in the new star trek movies, was killed on the weekend. crushed by his own car.
  9. douglas

    kimbo slice dts

    He was waiting for a heart transplant...
  10. douglas

    Clarkson Hammond and May's show finally named!

    the show will be called "the grand tour"
  11. douglas

    i had a moment of weakness

    i'll cure this weakness soon. like as soon as i go shoot the shit out of it at the range tomorrow.
  12. douglas

    good message, poor execution

  13. douglas

    Doris Roberts DTS
  14. douglas

    just a bit of high velocity jet fighter porn

    hope you appreciate this one jb.
  15. douglas

    just take my damn money

  16. douglas

    chicago man selfies his own shooting

    yup, taking a live stream video apparently to facebook and he gets his ass shot. a lot.
  17. douglas

    american gladiator's hawk dts

    hawk from american gladiators died march 1.
  18. douglas

    a snake with turettes

  19. douglas

    one step closer to skynet and terminators

    end of the video they piss it off by knocking it over....