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  1. kimbottles

    Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

    I don’t know if this has been shared here yet (I haven’t spent much time on SA of late.) But this is from Jake the ED of the NWMC: All of that, and later this week we’ll be announcing the first-ever Virtual Wooden Boat Festival. What is a virtual wooden boat festival and why should you want to...
  2. kimbottles

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    On Thursday September 6th our own Bob Perry will receive the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival Lifetime Achievement Award. The event will take place at 1700 hours up-stairs at the Northwest Maritime Center meeting room. Everyone who appreciates Bob’s work is invited to attend. This is an...
  3. kimbottles

    Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend This could be very good for Salish Sea cruisers if Jake and the NWMC can pull it off. They pulled off R2AK quite well, so why not this?? I invite all PNW boaters to join me in...
  4. kimbottles

    Ted Pike RIP

    We have lost Ted Pike. Marine wood manager at Edensaw, sailor, story teller, nice guy, owner of the 1956 Lapworth sloop Annie Too. Ted was my buddy and one of the people who contributed his vast knowledge to the Sliver project. First Doug Christie, now Ted Pike. These are very sad times. Kim
  5. kimbottles

    Puget Sound CA Raft Up

    So it appears that we have at least a few boats interested in a central Puget Sound Raft Up on 9/19/2015. I have a bow and stern buoy in Blakely Harbor which we could use as a mooring for a mothership then others could raft on. Or people could also anchor out if they don't like rafting? The...
  6. kimbottles

    Is Paul Bieker the Adrian Newey of Sailing?

    I bet Oracle's new speed came at least in part from foil master Paul.
  7. kimbottles

    Clipper Ship Day Sailor??

    I ran across this rather interesting vessel. She was built by the father of one of my coworkers. I have never met him or seen the vessel in person but she looks pretty interesting from the pictures and his write up: Scale model from the water line up of the Clipper Ship Flying Cloud. 18 feet...
  8. kimbottles

    Donate $250 to Spike Perry Fund and get a book

    We have a limited number of the Chuck Payne Yacht Design books left over from last year's fund drive for the Spike Perry Scholarship Fund. Here's the deal: Donate $250 or more to the fund and get a gift book from the Paul Serini Family. (100% of your donation will be tax deductible as the...
  9. kimbottles

    Cruising Anarchy SSB Net

    Valis and I plan to meet on 20 meters SSB at noon pacific standard time today for a low key attempt to have a Cruising Anarchy SSB QSO. We will start at 14.250 MHz and then shift up in frequency if we encounter any QRM. I am in the Seattle area and he is in San Francisco. We would welcome any...
  10. kimbottles

    Sliver Tours at Bob Perry Rendezvous

    The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building will have its new Jeff Hammond Boat Shop open during the Perry Rendezvous Saturday August 20 from 10 am to Noon to show off Bob's latest construction project; his 62 foot Sliver designed double ended day sailor...
  11. kimbottles

    Tasmanians and the Chuck Paine Book

    If you are a Tasmanian and you think you are due one of Chuck Paine's books because of your donation to the Spike Perry fund, you need to PM me. I have your book but need some further information to fill out the custom forms. I know your name and address from the foundation but need your phone...
  12. kimbottles

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    The new Jeff Hammond Boat Shop at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock, WA is almost ready for the start of the Perry "Sliver" project. Hopefully we start early in April. I will try to get some pictures posted as we move along on this undertaking.   Bob has promised to...
  13. kimbottles

    New Saildrive Purchase

    WLYDO, I am looking to purchase a new diesel saildrive for a boat building project. I am looking at 30-50 hp Volvos and Yanmars. The purchase will be through a established boat builder so we should be able to score an OEM price. This boat builder has never purchased a saildrive before so...