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  1. sailhmb

    HobieOne with Laser rigging

    long way from skateboarding HH. Boats look great. Have a good time messing about with them.
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    Dinghy Hand Launching Cart

    Good job. thank you for the follow up post. Is there a link for the dolly kit?
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    Any one using an electric outboard motor near the bay area in California?

    I was loaned an e-propulsion for 2 years. I used it instead of my 2hp Honda on my VX1. When the time came to return it I realized how much I liked the silence. Its on my list to buy.
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    Mine arrived today. It works.  Order 4904.  
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    Female PFD Trapezing

    seriously, my 5'6" wife prefers the Spinlock Wing pfd. It is low profile and can be worn under her jacket.
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    well played sir.
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    Best Family Dinghy Recommendation

    I would recommend acquiring 3 floating items.  1. The largest catamaran that will store in the garage. 2  A low floating dock to pull the cat up on. 3. An inflatable dinghy to paddle out and back to the floating dock.  The kids will enjoy the cat more than a monohull (mine did) and the low draft...
  9. sailhmb

    P/S mark room question

    Thank you for clarifying.   As far as ingenuity,  it only requires the finish line to be set on the RC port side, a shorten course, a small right wind shift and voilà you can lay the finish on starboard tack from the last rounding.  This prompted a number of boats to tack to starboard...
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    P/S mark room question

    When rounding a downwind mark on port when do my room rights turn off such that a starboard tack boat that has already rounded has row? A. When I exit 3 boat length circle B. When my stern crosses the mark at 6 o'clock  C. When I can tack to Starboard and not hit the mark.
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    This Guy: Revoltunairy Kai Lenny

    Kai checking in with Jeff Clark at Mavericks for some big wave action.  This was December 2018.  Very nice young man with incredible skills.  Immediately swept up my camera and took a picture of us.
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    Chinese electric outboard?

    They are not responding to inquiries.  Still in business?
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    Sail longevity

    What is your little sportboat?  
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    I'm puzzled by the choice of a constant radius of curvature DDS.  Is that for ease of construction or is it a generation 1 placeholder for later tbd designs?
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    Adding weight

    This is what I thought too.  Seems to be the general opinion of the thread. Thanks to everyone for their contribution.
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    Adding weight

    I prefer live.
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    Adding weight

    Sorry I should have stated no actual boat, therefore no class rule weight placement restriction.  This is just a "what if" question; if you had to add weight, where would you put it, center of mass or righting moment?  if you need some specificity then a 200kg boat and 10kg of weight.
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    Adding weight

    To make minimum class weight I will need to add weight.  Where is the best location; bottom of the keel or center of mass?
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    ok got it. The next question is not intended to be provocative. As a person who developed sensors i'm genuinely curious.  Will A2 being mounted 2' above the waterline versus Calypso on the mast head 28' above the waterline have enough precision and speed to provide good AWA in most conditions?  ...
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    Can you comment on how A2 corrects Calypso's data?