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  1. 2Newts

    Savannah/Charleston/Pensacola Sailing Advice

    I'm looking for help from anyone who knows the sailing community in Charleston SC, Savannah GA, or Pensacola FL.  Here's the story: we live in NYC with grade-school age kids. School starts next week in-person, but we are not expecting that to last long - we think we'll all be back on remote...
  2. 2Newts

    Large center-cockpit cruiser sinks in CT River

    This is nuts. Boat looks like it was left on a sunny afternoon ready to go out the next day. Well, almost. Roller-furling main is still in; jib was removed. But the dodger is still up. Everything basically ready to go and looks to be in good condition. And then comes the ice and sinks the thing. 
  3. 2Newts

    AC Team Threads

    I propose that it's time to start new threads for the other competitors along the lines of the LR thread, so aptly identified as "Luna Rosa Challenge. AC 36" Maybe not for "Team NYYC" since that thread is new for this round. But crikey are the "Team UK" and "Team NZ" threads ever long. Quick...
  4. 2Newts

    Wreckage from October 29th Storm

    The storm that blew through New England this weekend was about the strength of a Cat 1 hurricane, and the wreckage photos are astounding. @Eweather13 has many on twitter:
  5. 2Newts

    Mini Pirate Ship ... For Cheap!

    Less than 10k for a 50 year old pirate ship. Plus a whole lot of expense thereafter! Unless you happen to be in the need of the perfect vessel for a viking funeral, in which case you are in luck.
  6. 2Newts

    The Experience Live in Bermuda

    I just spent two days at the races and thought I'd share my thoughts about it and open a thread for it. I hope some others have or will be here and can chime in.  This is more about the experience than about the racing as for that there are other robust threads, though of course the quality of...
  7. 2Newts

    Swan 48 Adrift and Available ... for free, sort of

    Charlie Doane of SAIL Magazine posted this piece about Wolfhound, a mid-90's era Swan 48 that is adrift about 800 mi SE of Bermuda. Also being covered in the Irish magazine Afloat They don't give exact location, but may be closer to the Leeward...
  8. 2Newts

    Recommendations for a lake boat

    So the wife has given the tentative go ahead to get a boat to keep at her family's lake house. I'm thinking a Hobie 16, but looking for recommendations. To give some background: 1. The lake is about 10 square miles. Here's a photo (boat is for the lake, not the pool!): 2. It's in the...
  9. 2Newts

    Yacht Race Tracker

    So here's the question on my mind: Which yacht race tracking system do you like best for distance races? And why? I think that different systems are better than others for: - General Viewers (friends, family, etc) - Sailors who know what they are looking at but cannot be part of the race -...
  10. 2Newts

    National Geographic Photo of the Day

    This is the "photo of the day" on the natgeo website for today, April 3. Storm and Sailboat Great photo. I am only sorry it was not my friend Rennmaus who took it! 2N
  11. 2Newts

    Sailors on passage get lost, found then arrested

    This is one of the most bizarre stories I have ever read. Apparently, 2 guys left the DR on Dec 1 in a 31-foot piece-of-junk ketch. They were due into Bermuda a couple of weeks later. On Dec 18, a merchant ship diverted to them in order to provide 7-10 days of food and 60 gallons of water. Then...
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    So I know this is a bit wide open, but I usually read: - Panbo - Kimball Livingston - Richard Gladwell Who else do you recommend?? 2N
  13. 2Newts

    Ida Lewis Distance Race 2010

    Man, I wish I were there. No can do this year :( Anyway, am trying to follow it live on Kattack and either - The system stinks, or - They are in a postponement (Not mutually exclusive possibilities) Anyone have any info as to what is happening?? 2N
  14. 2Newts

    Race Wind/Weather Forecast

    From NOAA, in the long-range GFS model: Looking at the long-range section for a few more days yet (in the right hand column), and of course the wind forecast is at 10M. As of now, the forecast for Feb 8 at 12Z, which is as close as GFS will give us...
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    I know this is already being covered in other threads, but I believe it is important enough to have its own. Today's release is here: Lots to discuss, so let's dissect!! On my first read, I picked up a few notable points. 1.5© - A...
  16. 2Newts

    New CF Piece Of note; he spends a lot of the time in this column talking up the security issues. As a NY lawyer, perhaps he sees this as highly resonant with the judge. Also, he is (not surprisingly) expecting the Breach of Fiduciary Duty bomb to drop at any time.
  17. 2Newts

    RG - America's Cup - Battle by Affidavit

    New posting from RG Highly insightful as usual. Though in attacking the issue about defining Load Water Line, he has focused on the issue of the "Water Line" (eg, whether rudders are included) and not in the definition of "Load". I...
  18. 2Newts

    Legal Status and Strategy

     In thinking about the last two years of legal wrangling and the coming months, I am wondering if there is any SA consensus as to where things stand today. Putting aside any allegiances (or whether either side deserves any allegiance any more) I have attempted to summarize: 1. The open legal...