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    Hurricane Season 2022

    Uh no, def not mine. 😄 at 6'5 and 67 I don't think I'm gettin in that thing. Definitely not behind the wheel. Don't see how it could be dry anywhere...
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    Hurricane Season 2022

    🙄 300 miles on the odometer
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    If you need it fisheries supply says they have 8
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    Hurricane Season 2022

    Holy shit I have clients who just bought in port Charlotte, I don't even think they have even stayed there yet
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    Hearing FM even with no tuner...

    Does anyone else hear it?
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    I wasn't sure why everyone was laughing at me until.........

    You want to be the one to explain apostrophes to them?👍 Go for it 😎
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    Putin and Ukraine

    That's a whole rail yard of garbage.
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    Rudder Mystery.. what boat??

    Mac 26x
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    I think so...
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    LONQR 2

    Nice try 😅
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    Pics That Get You...

    2 different lights
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    SV Seeker

    Probably these guys
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    Sourcing parts for a Yacht Specialties steering pedestal

    tip, put your phone on selfie video and you can see into tight places both live and recorded for later study. I think it's just a clevis pin axle, check for a head on the far side and rotate the pin with vice grips. Don't drive the pin out by force you might break the casting. Ps, that nut in...
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    Random PicThread

    That's ok, there were very few seatbelts back then, plus steel dashboards.
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Moscow craiglist For 1500 rubles you can get your arm broken to avoid fighting
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    Stanchion base / hull damage

    Dig further then decide
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    Over-boom spinnaker sheeting on a fractional rig

    Other gybe, on the layline, marks not too far away as they have their jib up. Best photo op place is just outside the layline where everyone's doing something.
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    Paint over varnish? Refurbishing an old racer/cruiser interior.

    Yup, who knows what's been rubbed around on the wood over the years, oils and crap will show up in a year or two as stains or cause flaking. Color match it to the top coat.