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  1. mal5033

    Drawn Together Article on the Front Page

    I am pleased to see the article published here and the pledge of $500 by SAYC to our cause. I wanted to add a little more info on the boat and let you know what our vision for it is. The boat will be something just a little different than most other projects I've seen. In my experience as an...
  2. mal5033

    Adaptive Sailboat design

    I work with Challenge Mountain, an adaptive ski area looking to expand to water sports (specifically sailing). A local boatbuilding school has offered to build us an adaptive boat. I know some of what I would like in a boat, but I am wondering if anyone here has had experience in that area and...
  3. mal5033

    A rules question involving a collision

    Here's one for discussion: A boat accidentally drives down on a smaller starboard boat and collides causing damage to the small boat (she still sailed the race) and injury to both sailors. The injuries were a small scalp abrasion on one and bruises on the other. In fairness, the injuries were...
  4. mal5033

    EV 8 person ORC liferaft

    I have an EV eight person ORC liferaft. It is the "crewsaver" model bought in 1998. The last time it was serviced was Feb of 05. This is a valise model weighs something like 80 pounds(I think). I am probably going to sell it but I don't see many used models sold to compare with. Does anyone have...