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  1. Marcjsmith

    Sailing in Hawaii

    Wife and I are heading to Hawaii at the end of september (milestone birthday and anniversary). not sure what island(s) we are going to see we will only have about a week need some "must do's", hopefuly can get on the water on a sailboat.... Would love to hear what you folks come up with..
  2. Marcjsmith

    Furlex type C&D unit (1988 vintage)

    Not sure if this should be here or in Fixit... A recent day of sailing In rather sporty conditions  had me reading up on my old furlex unit.   Which is working fine for an older furler  the c&d units had a “free turn” built in that would wrap the luff almost one full turn before the tack...
  3. Marcjsmith

    Halyard Question... AKA (overthinking it)

    Hey folks. I need to bounce an idea or two off of ya. Yeah I've gone metric for this... Got a deal on some halyards, Very lightly used (one year or less) came off a moody 346. they are 14mm dia the guy was having trouble with them jamming in his sheeves. the 376 has larger sheaves so...
  4. Marcjsmith

    Miss Albright

    Madeleine Albright, the first woman to serve as U.S. secretary of state, died Wednesday, her family said in a statement. She was 84. She died of cancer, her family said, adding that she was "surrounded by family and friends" at the time. "We have lost a loving mother, grandmother, sister, aunt...
  5. Marcjsmith

    Pedal power???

    Inboard...nah too heavy outboard...nah fucking thing won’t ever start electric...fuck me forgot to the charge the batts pedal power...good enough for the America’s cup good enough for me We can go two up if needed.  
  6. Marcjsmith

    Suprlus Chutes

    got any friends in the military?  See if they can snag you a surplus parachute
  7. Marcjsmith

    What is it. Fuel filter edition

    Last year ran the boat on the old filters. All was wel. Figured that it makes sense to change the filters filter pictured below is the unknown.  It’s the first filter. From there it goes to a racor 24s. Then to the to  And then to a spin on filter on the engine.    Genset is set the same way. ...
  8. Marcjsmith

    Home Depot Anarchy

    Hey folks, Does anyone know anything about the Home Depot corporate structure?  Specifically I'm looking for mid atlantic region.  Someone in the VP range or someone in charge of their Home Services division. I'm likely to have a letter that I have to deliver in a week or so, and I'd love to...
  9. Marcjsmith

    what was it???

    thats not gonna buff out.  two boats one travelift,  at hinckley. someone is not gonna have a happy holiday..
  10. Marcjsmith

    Dts bob dole

    I guess it’s not too soon, he was 98
  11. Marcjsmith

    Line Anarchy

    Hey folks. I have an opportunity to get some line on the cheap....still on the spool. I know the my moody 376 uses 12mm on genoa sheets, 10mm on the main sheet.. likely similar diameters on the halyards and reef points I know my Genoa halyard is due for replacement soon. Main as well, and...
  12. Marcjsmith

    Crew Shirt Anarchy

    Christmas is coming up  and I've had folks that have been helpful with my journey so far.  So Ive been toying with having some shirts made. Figure a line drawing of the boat on the back, a crew position across the shoulders.  on the front over the breast  the Moody logo and the Boats name in an...
  13. Marcjsmith

    Korean anarchy

    Hey folks, long shot here,  it is there anyone here that can read Korean.... my FIL is finally getting buried at Arlington this week, and we have a “thank you” letter from the Korean government in the 1950’s just trying to figure out what it says....
  14. Marcjsmith

    Spinnaker block at mast head...

    Hey folks, one of my winter projects(growing list) are going to be new VHF antenna, and also putting one or two spin blocks up there. last time I was up the stick replaced masthead lights I noticed there are a couple holes for attaching spin block, but alas I did not have a ruler to...
  15. Marcjsmith

    (smart)TV Anarchy

    I currently have a 46" westinghouse LED/LCD  hanging on a wall at home.  pretty sure its giving up the ghost.  Its got a dead short on the ribbon from the board to the backlighting.  Its apart on the ping pong table  and I'm trying to illicit a home brew repair.  TV weighs 38lbs  my TV mount is...
  16. Marcjsmith

    Free fish (parts)

    Well it seems the local osprey has found the top of my mast the best spot to have sushi... that what I get for having having the tallest pole guess. went to the boat Saturday morning to take my daughter and some of her friends out.  Had to spend close to an hour removing the remnants before we...
  17. Marcjsmith

    Sailing at anchor

    I submit for your discussion. anchored out in the lee of poplar island.  But it’s a low island so only real protection was from swells. wind blowing 10-15 anchored for about an hour or o for kids to swim and have lunch. boat was sailing at anchor pretty bad. tried locking the wheel...
  18. Marcjsmith

    Books books and more books

    PO of my boat has gifted me some books.  I’m sure some of these are old and outdated, but I figure there might some folks who might want one or two.  Just hard for me to throw away a book.  Books are free to a good home volume 3 sight reduction tables lat 30-45 duttons navigation and piloting...
  19. Marcjsmith

    Tire Kicking Electronics

    Going to start the tire kicking process on electronics.   which for me means likely its going to be a ways out.    Knowing that I need to budget for it and plan work around it.   currently running raymarine st60+ wind, depth, speed and an autohelm 6002 wheel pilot all current products function...
  20. Marcjsmith

    Dts, g Gordon liddy