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  1. PaulK

    Opening up Lewmar winch

    We have Lewmar 54s - self-tailing winches. The top of one of them does not want to unscrew, despite increasing amounts of pressure, penetrant/lubricant, and tapping with screwdriver and mallet on the indents apparently designed for this. Other ideas/approaches?
  2. PaulK

    Beads on halyards

    Am replacing the wire halyard on the 505 with Dyneema.  Wondering about tying a series of knots to create beads that a tackle with a hook will catch onto, to enable adjusting. Will this work? Do others do this? Do the knots slip?  Do the fibers chafe? Does the pressure cause breaks in the line...
  3. PaulK

    Ice fishing

    They do try to use the wind to get them going...
  4. PaulK

    Defi Wind Superstars Gruissan 2021?

    Surprised not to hear (or find) anything on this event held earlier this month, but people may have been focused on the Transat Jacques Vabre.  These guys seem to be moving pretty fast too:
  5. PaulK

    Removing hailing port from Awlgrip

    Our new-to-us boat needs to have the old painted-on hailing port removed from the Awlgrip. What approaches will leave the Awlgrip intact? Am wary of things like sandpaper and acetone that might do expensive damage to the underlying layer.  Tried searching and found bottom paint removal. And any...
  6. PaulK

    New sails

    We have bought a new-to-us Sabre 402 that is well-equipped with cruising sails.  We are looking to race, however, in a rather competitive PHRF fleet. At our club alone there are eight J/109's, for example, along with other bigger, smaller, and newer J/boats, Beneteau Firsts, Swans, and some...
  7. PaulK

    Holes in 5o5 mast

    Am about to install a new double-pole mast fitting (photos) on my 505's mast. The old single Spiro will have to come off.  I cannot re-use the same rivet holes and worry that all the holes being in the same section of the mast will weaken it. Can/should I have a welder fill in the old holes or...
  8. PaulK

    Sabre 402 input??

    We are contemplating upgrading from our current boat to something a touch bigger, faster, newer, and with more creature comforts and privacy for two couples.  Would appreciate observations from people who know these boats and how they perform, as well as other attributes or any issues.
  9. PaulK

    Hydroptère going back to France

    Appears that Hydroptère, which had been sailed from HNL to SFO, has been dismantled and is being shipped back to Nantes, in France. Seems that Airbus is somehow involved, making it more likely that she'll fly again at...
  10. PaulK

    Whale Tail Propulsion?

    Thought this article sounded interesting.  Might work on sailboats too? Maybe those orcas off Portugal this summer were trying to tell us something. ...
  11. PaulK

    Sail cargo for real

    The Vendée Globe is not the only sailing activity happening in France these days. Grain de Sail -an artisanal French coffee roaster from Brittany, has built a 72' cargo sailing vessel (Vootan72) which casts off Wednesday 18NOV from Saint Malo, heading to New York City with a cargo of 14,000...
  12. PaulK

    Electric Fan Drive?

    Any comments on this?  Haven't seen other threads.
  13. PaulK

    Dolphins in Long Island Sound

    Have been sailing for a good while, and have seen dolphins, but never before in Long Island Sound.  Around noon today we were cruising from Port Jefferson towards Bridgeport at about 5 knots and suddenly had at least a half  dolphins swimming around the boat.  The bigger ones were about ten feet...
  14. PaulK

    Rescue in Greece 24AUG Nicely done.
  15. PaulK

    505 Spin sheet length

    Can’t seem to find a figure anywhere about how long 505 spinnaker sheets should be. Would like to have one continuous line going from the clew aft to the transom, forward to the turning block on the tank, over to the crew, then loose enough for it to continue  through the other turning block...
  16. PaulK

    2-part prep

    Sometimes threads in this Fix-It forum at times suggest following directions minutely - using only the expensive name-brand materials specified.  Others suggest that off-the-shelf products work just as well, are easier to get, and can be had a substantial savings. You can buy a Fein multitool...
  17. PaulK

    Train hits boat

    Make sure your hauler knows what he’s doing if you’re thinking of moving your boat long distance. There are risks & you should probably know the rules of the road. This Norwegian boat isn’t going to be launched again soon...
  18. PaulK

    Green night lights?

    Read on another site that people were using green lights at their nav stations.  Compared to red lighting It apparently improves being able to see charts etc. while below and, like red lighting, does not impact night vision when one goes back on deck.  It was noted that red is used by navies...
  19. PaulK

    Help when you need it

    If you’re going to run aground, this guy picked the right place and time: A problem with his motor put a German sailor on the rocks off Cherbourg, late Tuesday 17MAR20.  He set...
  20. PaulK

    3D iso Rotomoulding?

    Found this interesting report on another site and didn’t see it mentioned here anywhere: Are they still looking for a new Laser builder?