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  1. valis

    Somebody Doesn't Know Shit About Tools

    And that would be me, sometimes...    So I've been considering getting a compound miter saw (?) for casual chopping up of pieces of wood.  Up to this point I've used a handheld circular saw for cutting 1x12"s down to size (for work-holding fixtures) and building small stuff that needs square or...
  2. valis

    SpaceX Crewed Dragon Launch

    After a weather delay, the SpaceX crewed Dragon launch will happen (we hope) today (Sunday, Nov 15 2020) at 3:15 PM EST.  This one will take a crew of four up to the ISS.  This is the first "working" crewed launch.  Link: This mission is planned to last 180...
  3. valis

    Mr. Slocum, Have I Got A Boat For You!

    This boat has been peacefully returning to nature for as long as I can remember.  It sits in a field next to Hwy 1 in the town of Valley Ford, Sonoma County, California and I have been driving by it for several decades.  This is the first time I've stopped to take a picture.  I suppose we could...
  4. valis

    USS Indianapolis Found

  5. valis

    Mental Boats

    I think that this needs to be a topic, because every time I read the "Metal Boats" or "Steel Boats" threads I realize that we need this thread. And yes, I understand that this will probably be the only post, at least until I bump it. It just feels right.
  6. valis

    Dec 5 - WA State Ferry Hits Powerboat

    This happened today. Perhaps the power boat skipper was using the head? The ferry blew its horn, and it's a whole lot bigger, but I think the ferry was the burdened vessel and it didn't attempt to avoid the collision. It only went into reverse afterwards. Restricted in its ability to...
  7. valis

    Boats That Need Rescuing

    Not finding an appropriate thread, here's a new one for boats that are in need of rescue. This one is at the Friday Harbor marina, with a yellow sign on it that says the marina is trying to take title to it, presumably so they can auction it off. Does anyone know this pretty gaff-rigged boat...
  8. valis

    Iridium Extreme - Battery Death

    Has anyone else had the Li-ion battery in their Iridium Extreme (9575) go totally dead? I mean won't-take-a-charge dead? OK, I'm a slow learner, but I stow the phone away for a year and a half between my Hawaii trips, and this is two times that the battery has needed to be replaced. At $100+...
  9. valis

    New England Ropes "Mega Braid" vs "Mega Braid II" ???

    Can anyone comment on the difference between "Mega Braid" and "Mega Braid II" from New England Ropes? I know that the latter is a braid of braids, and is supposed to be more chafe-resistant than the regular Mega Braid. I currently use Mega Braid and am very pleased with how nicely it stows...
  10. valis

    Radio Check - Pac Cup, SHTP, Vic-Maui, Anyone

    Would you like to test your marine SSB? While VALIS is sailing from Friday Harbor Washington to San Francisco to prepare for the Pacific Cup we will be conducting a twice-daily SSB radio net. All boats are welcome to participate, especially those in the Pacific Cup, Singlehanded Transpac and...
  11. valis

    Strictly Sail Oakland, Pac Cup, VALIS

    If you are coming to the Strictly Sail show (April 12-15, Jack London Square Marina, Oakland CA), be sure and stop by the Pacific Cup booth and our two demo boats. The boats are in the NE corner of the marina, near Il Pescador restaurant, in slips #68 and #69. VALIS is there in "not exactly...
  12. valis

    Math 6

    I'm no mathematician, but I do appreciate an interesting algorithm, formula, etc. Here are a couple of these: Squares by summation of odd numbers (this was my first or second computer program): 1 = 1 = 12 1 + 3 = 4 = 22 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 = 32 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 16 = 8 2 1+3+...+(2n-1) = n2...
  13. valis

    Critique My Comms Presentation

    Here's a link to the presentation I will be giving at the Singlehanded Transpac's Communications Seminar on March 14: My intention is to gloss over the easily-available installation details, and not even get into the...
  14. valis

    IsatPhone Pro Questions

    I've asked about the IsatPhone Pro over in Gear Anarchy ( My Gear Anarchy Post), and would appreciate any reports from IsatPhone Pro users. Thanks!
  15. valis

    IsatPhone Pro -- Data Now?

    I've got some friends who will be getting satphones, and are considering the IsatPhone Pro. I see that it now supports data, and the Global Marine Networks sells it with an XGate package. Is anyone using the new IsatPhone Pro? How does it work for email? Can you compare it to Iridium (that's...
  16. valis

    SSB Radio Test Net - Sunday, April 29

    I'm organizing a SSB test net for the afternoon of Sunday, April 29 (San Francisco's Opening Day and Blessing of the Fleet). We've done this since 2008 as a radio check-up opportunity for the Pac Cup, Singlehanded Transpac and Vic-Maui fleets, but any interested sailor is invited to...
  17. valis

    Extreme Bob Says HTFU

    Me, at Cape Horn, on my birthday (Dec 10, 2011) No, I didn't sail there, I was part of that blue-windbreaker tour group. Still, it was a great trip on an ice-hardened expedition-style cruise ship. Made it to the Antarctic continent, and south until the ice stopped us. Can anyone claim...
  18. valis

    Only in San Francisco

    How's this for a plan?: San Francisco Chronicle My guess is that the companies "volunteering" to take these "workers" will just throw them in some back room and figure that it's a cheap way to clear the sidewalks. Or they could always do coding for Twitter...
  19. valis

    Seattle-Area Yacht Clubs?

    It looks like we're moving to San Juan Island -- we expect to be there full-time by early 2012. So, what is the scoop on the yacht clubs? I'm an occasional (at best) racer, and not hugely into social gatherings, but do appreciate the reciprocal privileges when we travel. What clubs would you...
  20. valis

    Six 72-ft long Polynesian-style sailing canoes approaching San Francis

    There are six 72-ft long Polynesian-style sailing canoes approaching San Francisco and scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Tuesday). They've sailed from Hawaii, and originally departed from Aukland. They will be staying on Treasure Island for a while and will be open for tour. At the moment they're...